Jumpstart your fitness journey with these expert-recommended tips.


Navigating the Dating Field Above 40s

Do people who are well past their younger years still have a shot at love? What’s next after surviving a divorce or the death of a spouse? How can they navigate the dating field? The truth is that there are many advantages to dating later in

runner in pain

Runner’s Bane — Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

A few years back, plantar fasciitis treatment used to be sought ought solely by hikers and climbers. However, lighter running shoes and the barefoot running phenomenon has made the condition quite well known in running circles. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful injuries


Methods of Contouring Teeth

Getting a winning smile takes more than perfectly white teeth. At times, your strict dental hygiene routine might not guarantee the smile for which you are aiming. Among the prevalent issues affecting smiles are cracked and misshapen teeth. You might unfortunately not do so much

Buying Office Furniture

Factors to Consider Before Buying Office Furniture

An average office employee works about 8 to 12 hours in his or her respective work desk. In such cases, it is vital that the person feels comfortable when working. Choosing the right office furniture in Salt Lake City is crucial because an employee will

kid smiling

Baby Teeth: Helping Kids Deal With Losing Them

In elementary schools all over the country, children are going through what seems like a cute and minute phase in our adult eyes, but what is a scary experience to their very young minds. They are losing their baby teeth. Children typically start losing their

Meet our fitness enthusiasts who’ll be your new #fitspiration.

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a former yoga instructor and an advocate of healthy eating. Having practiced yoga for years, she’s dedicated to sharing its benefits to beginners through Gear & Training. A firm believer of holistic health, she shares self-made, healthy recipes based on the recommended daily nutritional intake.

Craig Marby

Craig Marby

Craig grew up playing all sorts of sports. His passion, however, lies in dance and its many benefits. He ventured into hip hop and jazz dancing about a decade ago. He helps people get fit through sports, cardio training, and dancing. On top of that, he reviews apparel. What better way to evaluate activewear than be informed by an exercise expert?

Bridgette Rodriguez

Bridgette Rodriguez

When it comes to weightlifting and extreme sports, Bridgette is the go-to expert around here. She has been a weightlifter for a decade and a lifelong enthusiast of rock climbing, and crossfit. Bridgette likes to push people’s fitness limits — she introduces people to her passions and helps them achieve even higher goals.

Steve Garcia

Steve Garcia

Steve is an inspiration to people who want to transform their lives. From his childhood, he led a nun healthy lifestyle. He decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf and start living a healthier lifestyle. Now, he’s the editor-in-chief of Gear & Training, leading a mindful lifestyle, sustaining no vices, and helping countless others take the same healthy path he did.

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