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4 Exercise Ideas for People with Limited Mobility

Around 19 million people in the U.S. have mobility issues. Some may be temporary, such as getting into an accident and using a sling or a wheelchair while healing. Meanwhile, others’ are chronic issues, such as difficulty walking when they’re getting on in age. Apart

woman doing yoga at home

Easy Ideas to Help You Create a Home Workout Space

With the pandemic not abating anytime soon, more people are deciding to spend more time at home. To avoid totally succumbing to the couch potato lifestyle, you may have started entertaining the idea of a home gym or dedicated workout space at home. And why


Debunking the Most Popular Football Misconceptions

Getting into sports is an investment. You pour time, work, and money into it, like buying equipment such as football mouth guards and uniforms. In return, you expect to gain its many benefits like a healthier lifestyle, a fun activity, and camaraderie. However, some sports have


Inactivity Kills: The Ill Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is sitting or lying down for the significant part of your day. It could also mean not doing any or following a very minimal fitness routine. Even before COVID-19 forced countries to lockdown cities and limit movement, most people were already leading

skiing in winter

Want to Ski? Here Are Pointers for Beginners

Skiing is both an activity and a sport that’s not for the fainthearted. But if you’re willing to learn and even try it, it will reward you with more fun, better health, and a sharper mind. To make those baby steps more comfortable, here are

GERD card in hands of Medical Doctor

Natural Ways of Treating GERD Without Medicine

Having acid reflux can be nasty: you won’t have the mood to eat, you’ll feel like you want to vomit all the time, and you’ll feel like your chest is burning. Acid reflux is usually caused when acid builds up on your stomach and is

Meet our fitness enthusiasts who’ll be your new #fitspiration.

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie Moore

Stephanie is a former yoga instructor and an advocate of healthy eating. Having practiced yoga for years, she’s dedicated to sharing its benefits to beginners through Gear & Training. A firm believer of holistic health, she shares self-made, healthy recipes based on the recommended daily nutritional intake.

Craig Marby

Craig Marby

Craig grew up playing all sorts of sports. His passion, however, lies in dance and its many benefits. He ventured into hip hop and jazz dancing about a decade ago. He helps people get fit through sports, cardio training, and dancing. On top of that, he reviews apparel. What better way to evaluate activewear than be informed by an exercise expert?

Bridgette Rodriguez

Bridgette Rodriguez

When it comes to weightlifting and extreme sports, Bridgette is the go-to expert around here. She has been a weightlifter for a decade and a lifelong enthusiast of rock climbing, and crossfit. Bridgette likes to push people’s fitness limits — she introduces people to her passions and helps them achieve even higher goals.

Steve Garcia

Steve Garcia

Steve is an inspiration to people who want to transform their lives. From his childhood, he led a nun healthy lifestyle. He decided that it was time to turn over a new leaf and start living a healthier lifestyle. Now, he’s the editor-in-chief of Gear & Training, leading a mindful lifestyle, sustaining no vices, and helping countless others take the same healthy path he did.

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