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Safe and Effective Exercises for Seniors

For seniors, maintaining their health is their number one priority. This is why they and their families invest so much in their health. They make sure that they are the most capable doctor in the area on speed dial. They acquire the best home nursing care services that they can have if they are living alone at home. While they invest in such healthcare services, they should also look into more ways to ensure their health safety. And exercising is one of them.

Many might believe that because seniors no longer have the same energy, strength, and endurance that they had in their younger years, it’s no longer safe for them to maintain an active lifestyle. But that’s not necessarily true for all seniors. Instead, what they can do is find the best exercise that would be compatible with their bodies’ needs. These are five forms of exercise that they can try.

Water Aerobics

Because seniors no longer participate in many physical activities, many of them don’t even swim anymore. But that can be changed with water aerobics. This form of exercise is popular among people of all ages. But it can be extremely beneficial for seniors. Because of the water’s natural resistance, they won’t have to worry about putting too much stress on their muscles and bones, and even falling down.

With water aerobics, they can do some leg lifts, aqua jogging, and other similar exercises. Such exercises can help them develop and maintain strength, balance, and flexibility.

Tai Chi

Among the many exercises for seniors, tai chi is arguably the most popular. It’s an exercise that originated from China and has prevailed in many other countries across generations. It’s slow and meditative, unlike other forms of exercise that bank on speed. With this, seniors can do exercises such as “energy to the sky.” This one involves standing straight and stretching their arms outward and upward as much as they can. Thus, they are also stretching their legs and backs. Another move that they can do is called “drawing the bow.” This one involves mimicking the act of drawing a bow while bending their legs a bit.

Tai chi is great for increasing stability, flexibility, and strength. But the meditative nature of it can be great for seniors’ cognitive development. It can also be a great way to boost their mood and maintain a positive nature.

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For many individuals, going on a run is their go-to daily exercise. It doesn’t involve much equipment. They can enjoy much fresh air and scenery while they do so. And they can also do it with a companion. But this form of exercise can be physically taxing because it takes much endurance.

Many seniors can’t exactly go on jogs anymore. But they can still enjoy some of the perks of the activity by switching to going on walks instead. They will still be able to enjoy some scenery and fresh air. They can also make it a social activity with their friends and families. And, most of all, they will still be able to exercise their legs and build their strength without straining them too much—which might happen if they take up jogging.

Modified Yoga

Yoga, much like tai chi, is a great workout both for the body and the mind. But it can be very physically taxing. Especially so if people practice complicated yoga moves. This means that it can be a dangerous form of exercise for seniors. But with just a few tweaks, yoga can be a safe way for them to exercise.

Chair yoga is one example. By staying seated in chairs, seniors will be able to still exercise even if they’re not flexible. They will be able to stretch their muscles, improve circulation, and boost their mood. They will be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come with yoga without challenging their bodies too much.

Mindfulness Meditation

For many people, mindfulness meditation is not really a workout. But some would say that it’s a very important one—only, this time, they are exercising their minds. This form of exercise can be very beneficial for seniors. Yes, it’s important for them to maintain their physical health. But they should always remember to care for their mental and emotional health as well. And they can do that well with daily mindfulness meditations.

Just because seniors are going through many health issues, it doesn’t mean that they can’t exercise anymore. In fact, this is precisely why it’s crucial for them to improve their active lifestyle again. By doing so, they are ensuring that the positive impact that comes from the medical treatment and other healthcare services that they’re acquiring will be maintained.

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Health is Wealth: Workouts During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been around for a year. People suffered and economies continue to bear the brunt of the lockdowns. Although this is true, people tend to suffer the most because of the anxiety and doubt that they’ve experienced as they spent most of the time in isolation.

Not everyone had to go through this, of course. There were people who were able to spend time with their loved ones, but they were forced to stay home. No one could go out; people who needed to have sessions of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) needed special permission, but such essential procedures were allowed. Those who were sick were forced to phone in their consultations.

One way people could remain out and about — even just within reach of their homes — was to be strong of mind and body. How would they do that? They had to strengthen their immune systems through exercise.

More Time to Workout

The pandemic has forced people to rethink their strategies and alter their lives to suit the restrictions. Work, family, education — almost every facet of life has been changed, either for the worst or for the better. This has also forced people to think of ways to entertain themselves in isolation with some turning to workouts to spend their time wisely.

The nature of the changes has even made the keyword “exercise” trend on Google’s search engines. People found what they were looking for — exercising while at home, working out in the backyard, and the benefits of doing such activities.

They did act upon their searches too, and the result has been that more people got into or returned to an active lifestyle. It’s a good thing, too, considering working out has beneficial effects on the immune system.

People Who Didn’t Work Out Found Time

There was a study done that some older adults found themselves having more active lifestyles. During the start of the pandemic, they have been inactive and haven’t done any exercising. A little later, around June, they found the time to try to remember their workouts and find their groove.

Most studies showed that people had turned to an active lifestyle; there was a lot of time on their hands suddenly and very few activities to help them entertain themselves. As people began to recall their exercise habits and became used to exercise, they also started to follow through with this lifestyle, too.

Work Out Helps You

The results of exercise aren’t seen during the first few weeks but keeping at it usually yields visible gains. You’ll feel like you have a better spring to your step as well as a better time thinking about things. You’ll also notice your body beginning to show your gains in a short time.

But there are also benefits. Your immune system becomes stronger and there are also mental health problems that your body fights off better because of exercise.

Aside from helping you avoid several types of cancer (lung, breast, etc.), it also helps you fight off depression and other mental health problems.

It’s Easy to Work Out Anywhere

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Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to invest in workout apparatus to have your exercise fix fulfilled. You can also do it at home even without gym equipment. These take less time, too, because you don’t have to build yourself up to get into the workout groove from home.

When others in your household see you — such as your children or other relatives — you’re also setting a good example and making them see the benefits of an active lifestyle. Home workouts are also easy to get back to, even when the lockdowns are lifted, and life resumes under the new normal.

Any Guide Will Do

You also don’t have to pay an expensive fee to workout at home; you are your own trainer here. If you’ve got a few workouts that you’ve brought home from the gym, it’s easy to get back at it if you remember the repetitions. With a good workout, you’ll see that you’re able to get your gym body without even having to leave your home.

You can also find videos of workout guides online. There are a lot of video streaming websites that offer these workouts. There are a wide variety of workouts to try, and most of these are geared towards helping specific age groups get sweating.

It’s not that difficult to get into an active lifestyle. The pandemic has already opened doors for most of us to get back into that groove of an active lifestyle; it’s up to us to sustain this lifestyle, even after the pandemic.

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Things You Can Learn While Using a Fitness Tracker

There’s a growing talk on the internet which supposes that being aware of one’s well-being comes of age. Simply put, they believed that most fitness junkies are composed of baby boomers because they are growing old or are staying in safe assisted living homes. It is unfortunate that besides that the way of thinking comes off as offensive, it also is dangerous.

To say this one only has to become health conscious only when he reaches a certain age bracket wastes those earlier youthful years that could have been opportunities to pave for healthier golden years.

In the previous generations, one has to consult several medical practitioners and professionals such as dietitians and nutritionists, physicians, and lab technicians in order to interpret your current level of health. Luckily enough in this growing age of technology, we have devices like smartphones and the ever-popular fitness tracker watches that could give us a hint on whether our life choices are leading us into a healthier future. How, you may ask? The following as described in Aaptiv are just some benefits.

It allows for personalized goals

Owning a tracker is like hiring an individualized gym coach. It is flexible enough to adapt to your plans in order to achieve your goals in the best way for you. With it, you can set your own schedule and its progression. Since the development of most of these devices was with the advisory of real medical practitioners and researchers, it often guides the user of the ample minimal goals for a particular activity and at the same time whether a certain goal would already be crossing the line.

It promotes consistency with the plan

Since these trackers save your biological data, it uses that capability to your advantage. Most devices would often share updates of how much progress you have reached. It comes as a dose of insight that sparks motivation to pursue the goal you have set when you started down the road. For instance, it can show you for how long you were active during the day, how much calories you have burned while being active during those times, and how far you are towards your daily minimum. The push comes in knowing that every step along the way adds to the realization of that dream.

It encourages healthy food choices

The clincher comes when that delectable greasy burger is a reason why last month’s weight loss goal wasn’t met. So you went for a salad instead, or smaller portions of that yummy burger instead of a platter of it. That golden moment of wise decision-making greatly affects how you perceive eating. That, in turn, sums up to the bigger picture and, rightfully so, changes your mindset about the kind and quantity of food that you consume. There’s always icing to the cake, right? So yes, you can indulge in those guilty pleasures, but of course with moderation.

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It teaches you to be responsible

Having to plan a daily health routine while balancing the duties from work and family is hard. That’s the beauty of owning a fitness tracker over time. That oh so meticulous juggle makes a better person out of you. You become a framework and a mold for others to follow. Of course, it often almost always comes out as a hard beginning. Once you get a hang of it, though, it comes out like learning how to ride a bike.

It keeps your mind at ease

There’s only so much to worry about during the hours of wakefulness. At the end of the day, your entire body should be well-rested and be compensated with the much-needed sleep that it deserves. The prescribed number of hours of sleep for the average adult ranges from seven to nine hours a day. With the help of fitness trackers, you could actually reach these quotas.

Remember that the amount of sleep you have affects your metabolism, energy levels, mood, and cravings. Those are very independent variables. You would want to always wake up on the right side of the bed every morning now, right?

Tracks your biological cues

The very reason why it is called a fitness tracker is that it can read your heart rate and blood pressure. These are the minimum capabilities of most fitness trackers in the market. A timely alert of these biological cues allows for a faster response time during incidents that may be unforeseeable under normal circumstances.

According to the World Health Organization, there are four prominent and chronic diseases. Among them are the following: cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. These, in turn, share common factors that can be prevented early on: high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and being overweight. They are likewise linked with behavioral risk factors, which include an unhealthy diet choice, tobacco use, and physical inactivity. Given that these things at an early age would eventually lead to a very problematic later adult life, wouldn’t you do something about it?

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Workout Injuries: How to Prevent Them

Injuries such as sprains and strains happen to the best of us. If an athlete with a personal trainer and cook can get sidelined because of a muscle sprain during practice or gym session, then us ordinary folks can fall to the pattern, too. There’s nothing more frustrating for people trying to lose weight by working out than getting sidelined by an injury. Do not let this little incident stop you from reaching your goals. Manage the injury. Wait for it to heal. Get your doctor to approve your workout routine again.

However, for it not to happen again, you have to take precautionary measures to protect your bones and muscles. Remember that if you’re above 55 years old, you need clearance from your doctor to do lifting and cardio workouts. As people grow older, they become less agile than they once were, no matter how fit they think. People lose bone and muscle mass as they age.

Common Workout Injuries

The most common injuries are muscle sprains and strains. These are usually caused by not warming up before exercising. The workout routine can cause too much pressure the muscles, bones, and tissues that connect them. It’s the same thing that happens to athletes when they overexert their bodies.

Shoulder injuries and tendinitis are also common workout injuries. These happen because of overuse. How frequently are you doing your routines? Are you even mixing them up a bit, or are you doing the same repetitive movements every time?

People don’t know that workouts can also damage their teeth and that they need an emergency dentist. If you are clenching your teeth when carrying weights, this will cause your gums, jaw, and teeth to feel sore. The pressure of the weights will affect your dental health. You might need to use a mouthguard when working out. Similarly, a tooth infection can act up when you are working out because exercise increases blood flow and worsens the inflammation.

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Preventing Workout Injuries

The first thing you need to do is check with your doctor if you’re fit to go to the gym. Even when you think you have strong bones and muscles, you lose nothing by going to your doctor. Your trainer can also advise you about the right workout routine to follow. Don’t take on more weights or harder routines without consulting with your trainer first.

Bad posture leads to these injuries. You need to learn the proper body form and posture to lift weights. Listen to your trainer. Spread your legs when lifting to balance the weight. Make sure your shoulders are angled right, too, because weights can cause strain your shoulder muscles.

Finally, most people don’t realize that the simple act of warming up before the routine and cooling down after will prepare the muscles. The warm-up routine readies your body, while the cool-down routine brings your heart rate back to normal. Warm-ups include riding an exercise bike, jogging in place for 10 minutes, and jumping rope. Stretching before exercising will also help prepare the muscles and increase flexibility.

Workouts are great if you want to lose weight, maintain your fitness, and improve your overall health. However, if you don’t know how to do them properly, you can be doing more harm than good. Talk with your doctor about working out. Even people who think they are healthy may be shocked to know they cannot do certain routines in the gym. It’s best to be guided by a medical professional when you want to achieve your fitness goals lest you get sidelined by injuries.

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Sustainable Activities to Help You Lose Weight

Working from home had greatly disrupted our routines. Many of us opted to work at night when there’s no one else up and about, creating a ruckus. Thus, we had a lot of free time in the morning when we couldn’t do anything productive with so much noise anyway.

This has unfortunately affected our fitness goals. Perhaps we freely snacked while working at night while staring at the TV screen or the ceiling in the morning. And now that we’re starting to go out again, we are horrified that none of our clothes fit anymore.

It’s very tempting to laze on the new sectional you bought, watching movies all day, a bowl of chips laying on your stomach, and a bottle of soda within reach on the floor. People who can do this for weeks without gaining a single pound are nature’s miracles. But if you’re like the many of us, doing this for even just a couple of days would already result in your weighing scale’s grievances.

Hitting the gym may not be advisable in some localities now. However, there are some things you can incorporate into your daily routines to shed even an ounce of that accumulated weight over the months. Of course, you need to couple these with a good nutritious diet.

Wake up early and regularly.

It could be difficult at first. Use five alarm clocks positioned in different parts of your room if you need to. But once your body gets used to it, it remembers the time you’re supposed to get up. If you happen to do an all-nighter and you barely got enough hours of sleep, once you woke up, don’t go back to sleep. You can take a power nap in the middle of the day or, better yet, meditate to compensate for your lack of sleep.

Do some stretching before you get out of your room.

It’s not something you do to sweat buckets or melt those fats. Stretching is simply to prime your body for a full day. If your muscles are not conditioned, you might not feel motivated to move beyond your working area or even get up to get a glass of water once you’ve plopped down in front of your TV screen. It also primes you psychologically that you would want to move and do something with your limbs and joints for the rest of the day.

laptop phone and coffee on a desk

Drinking black coffee could curb your appetite.

Peppermint tea has the same effect if you’re not a coffee drinker. If your tolerance for caffeine is still good, you could have a cup of coffee in the morning and another cup in the afternoon to stop your cravings for snacks.

Walk. Walk everywhere.

Offer to bring the dog out for its daily walk. Walk to buy your groceries. You could buy in small quantities so that you could comfortably carry them back home. If you’re still working from home, walk to the nearest subway or bus stop as if you’re going to work. If it’s too near, go two or three stops further. Walking will expose you to sunlight, other people — but distanced safely — and the rest of the reality that seemed to have been put on hold in the previous months. So not only will you burn off some calories, but you will also get some benefits for your mental health.

Try to do intermittent fasting.

It’s considered healthy, and its effect is fast. It’s also easier to do than the other diets that require you to eat a particular food only. However, do not binge eat during the time you’re allowed to eat. Consume healthy food to keep your body fueled even during the time you’re fasting.

These things aren’t too difficult to accomplish in a day. It may be that they won’t give you quick results, but these efforts are more sustainable compared to a crash and burn style of exercise and dieting. If you keep at it, you could even be ready with your beach body come summer.

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Top Skin Benefits of Exercise You Should Make the Most Of

Without a doubt, our skin is our greatest shield. It’s our most important protector against the outside world. Think about it. It sure is thin as you can measure it in millimeters in thickness. Truth be told, the skin is about one-seventh of our body’s weight, making it the largest organ we have. And you can never really overemphasize the importance of your skin. Without it, you’d not only look like a zombie, but you’d also be vulnerable to harm from the outside world. We’re talking about the hot rays of the sun and the cold of winter, not to mention a host of toxic substances and pathogens.

Indeed, having regular exercise has helped countless men and women achieve greater physique. Top-billed Hollywood actors make the most of it. Names like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Pratt exercise brutally to play the part. But the million-dollar question is, does exercise help our skin become healthier or not?

One thing’s certain: Whenever you go to the gym, you expose yourself to a dozen sweaty people. And there goes the rub. Sharing equipment without proper disinfection could introduce you to a lot of pathogens (COVID-19 included). To note, on average, we touch our faces 20 times in an hour. All this could potentially lead to the spreading of germs and bacteria. Thus, a closer look at how our skin is benefited from exercise is the order of the day.

Regular Exercise Improves Blood Flow

Whenever we work out, our heart also works double time. Thus, our blood is pumping throughout our bodies. In turn, this facilitates better blood circulation making fresh oxygen energize the whole body.

So, not only does physical exertion exercise the heart muscles, but it also makes fresh oxygen available to every cell of the body, the skin including. This means that all our body’s cells and skin cells are nourished. It improves our vitality and gives cellular repair and renewal.

In short, exercise benefits the skin. Being active promotes blood circulation and helps make your face look younger while maintaining softer and more radiant skin.

Small wonder celebrities, including the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, hit the gym regularly. It is making them glow.

Removes Waste and Toxins Inside our Body

While improved blood flow effectively delivers important nutrients to our cells, it also means that it carries away toxins and waste products out of the body.

Through the help of regular exercise, it helps flush debris out of our body’s system. This helps not only our skin but also our overall health. Just think of it as cleaning up or cleansing our skin from the inside.

Moreover, exercise can also help clear out our skin’s pores. It can remove anything that potentially clogs our pores—top of the list: bad skincare products and make-up residues.

Don that After-Workout Glow

Ever noticed that certain glow after a workout? It’s not a mere imagination, and it lasts for a few hours after every workout, says the experts.

According to Dr. Kathlee Cook Suozzi, an assistant professor at Yale School of Medicine, that “after-gym glow” that most people often describe has an explanation. It is actually due to the combination of increased blood circulation, endorphins, and dewy appearance from our sweat.

So, on your next date, hitting the gym before the event may not be such a bad idea after all.

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Decreases the Risk of Chronic Skin Diseases

Stress is a common feeling, especially for adults. Our psychological responses can be triggered by excessive amounts of stress that can eventually lead to inflammation, breakouts, and allergic reactions.

Regular exercise can prevent all these changes from happening. For one, it decreases our body’s hormonal and also our immune stress response. In turn, it minimizes the risks of any chronic skin diseases, flare-ups, and breakouts. More importantly, it keeps our body’s defenses healthy and is better at responding and combatting any concerns about our health when needed.

In hindsight, this is why having the services of expert dermatologists regularly should bid you well. For one, they’d be able to help you when skin problems erupt. Even better, they can show you ways you can take care of your skin best.

Prevents Telltale Signs of Aging

As we all know, exercise takes a lot of work and endurance. But it pays. Ever felt that feeling of euphoria after a workout? It’s actually because you’re happy, and it’s mostly the release of our brain’s endorphins. In turn, these happy hormones talk to our skin. This way, it helps prevent stress and aging.

A study was also conducted that exercise has an anti-aging effect on a cellular level. Researchers found out that intense exercise prevents our DNA telomeres from shortening. To note, the gradual contraction of telomeres in our body’s cell divisions eventually leads to aging. And when our telomeres are at their limit, that cell will die.

As for skin infections from the gym, timely tweaks should get you going. If not, these home routines can serve their part.

Thus, fear not tons of sweat. Exercise can help slow down the effects of aging and postpone the inevitable. That should be enough to tell you waking up early to sweat it all out like “The Rock” six days a week is not a bad idea after all.

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Yes, There Is a Kind of Yoga for Everybody

When we hear the word yoga, we think so many negative things about it that we lose sight of the benefits it gives its practitioners. Is yoga only for people with good flexibility? Is it just for the thin, beautiful, and young? Yoga means many things to a lot of different people. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to yoga. The beauty of this discipline is it can accommodate you, no matter your size, shape, age, level of flexibility, lifestyle, and state of mind. Yoga is a holistic approach that everyone can benefit from.

Yoga for Good Posture

Bad posture leads to a lot of health complications. It can lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, neck and back pain problems, headaches, migraines, and even gastrointestinal problems. But among the many health issues people go through because of bad posture, the most it is known for is scoliosis. Bad posture leads to postural scoliosis. It is reversible, but you need to go through a non-surgical scoliosis treatment to correct the curvature of the spine. Sometimes, you might need invasive surgery.

So why not do a couple of yoga poses each day? Studies indicate that yoga can improve posture, flexibility, and balance. With yoga, you must sit up straight to hold the positions. You need good posture for a lot of different yoga positions. This is one of the basics of yoga—learning proper posture.

Yoga for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, one of the ways you can achieve that is to do yoga. Holding those yoga poses is not easy. Many of them burn a lot of calories. A lot of them, actually. Vinyasa and Bikram, for example, contribute directly to weight loss because they are active. Yoga Nidra, on the other hand, helps you make better and healthier food choices. You are more mindful of the way you eat because this type of yoga improves mental health.

Yoga for Strength

This discipline isn’t only great for flexibility and weight loss. It’s a great way to build muscle mass, too. Yoga involves holding different poses for an extended period of time. Holding these poses is specifically designed to increase strength and build muscles. The poses—such as the boat pose, side plank pose, bridge pose, and wheel pose—activate and strengthen your core. Such activities develop and tone your abs.

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Yoga for Mental Health

A lot of the things you will learn about yoga will affect your mental health in the most positive of ways. Yoga is based on the clarity of one’s mind. It is impossible to build one’s confidence in doing yoga poses without a clear mind. That is why one of the basic things you need to learn when studying yoga is how to clear your mind. You have to reach a state of zen before you can move on to the next phase.

People who suffer from anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder will do well practicing yoga. Many psychologists and therapists advise their patients to practice yoga. Putting one’s mind in a state of clarity helps clear the doubts, pain, frustration, and anguish usually associated with life.

Yoga for Insomnia

If you want to be healthy, you have to mind the number of hours of sleep you get in a day. Lack of sleep and insomnia leads to high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, and other disorders. Studies showed that yoga can help you sleep better. In a study of two groups of senior adults, the group asked to do yoga slept better than the one who took herbal medicine.

Yoga for Stress

Above all, yoga promotes relaxation. In an experiment, people who initially have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol showed lower levels of the hormone after a three-month yoga program. It’s a powerful way to reduce stress and anxiety because yoga is based on the assumption that a relaxed mind puts the body at ease. The first step to fulfilling the practice of yoga is to reach a certain level of calmness and relaxation. This has a profound impact on a person’s stress level.

The misconceptions about yoga continue to hound the discipline. For many, yoga is either too easy or too hard. It’s neither. It takes a lot of work and practice to master yoga. The benefits, however, are life-changing that you wouldn’t even think twice about going through the whole process once more. Anything is possible with yoga that you can do it no matter where you are, no matter at what stage you are in your life.

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Get The Body You Want on Your Wedding Day: How to Look Prep Your Body

Your wedding day is a special occasion, and you want to look good for it. Many women especially want to fit into their dream bridal dresses. But not everyone has the body for it. Fortunately, you likely have months to prepare for the big day. This should give you enough time to improve your body so that you can show it off. Here are some things you should do to get the body that you want.

Start Early

Many brides schedule their wedding days more than a year away. That should provide you with enough time to get fit. But don’t wait. The moment you know the date, you should start exercising. The earlier you start, the faster you see results. A year to six months of preparation time is more than enough time to get you fit. You can lose 20 pounds easily in that time, and you don’t have to work hard about it. If you have less than that, then you will have to sweat harder, but it is also very possible.

Be Realistic

There are some things that you can’t change. You have to look in the mirror when you begin and identify what you want to change. You need to sit down and identify the things you can change. There will also be things that you can’t do much; genetics sometimes is destiny. For this, you have to learn to accept them. Accepting some things will allow you to accept others. This is good for your mental health since preparing for a wedding is stressful enough. Adding body issue problems to it is only going to make it more difficult.

Don’t Do It Alone

Trimming down and getting fit is difficult to do alone. You need someone to join you on your fitness journey, or you will relapse. A workout buddy can make all the difference. For one, they can help keep you honest. Many people who try to lose weight alone often cheat. After all, they feel they are not hurting anyone. But with someone else exercising, they won’t be able to think that way. Besides the honesty factor, some people work best when they have some competition. Compare your performance with your exercise partner. Check how far they ran, how many calories they burned, and weight they lost. This can push you to perform better. Exercise partners don’t grow on trees, though. You can get your future spouse to help you out or your best friend.

Find The Right Exercise

woman exercisingIf you want to lose weight, then you need to find the right exercise regimen for you. There are different exercise schemes that you can use. The simplest one is to go all-cardio. This means running and aerobic exercises that are for making you sweat. This is a great regimen since you want to lose weight. There are other options. You can choose to start strength training. Don’t think this is all about pumping weights. Building up your strength can help lose weight. Bigger muscles consume more calories. They also build up muscle tone in your body. Work with someone so that you develop the right muscles to have the right shape for your dress.

Additionally, don’t settle for one routine. It can get boring quickly, so have alternate workouts. One day, you might be doing your jogging. The next day, you might be doing aerobics. Figure out what works for you and what you like so you have more motivation to work out.

Think About What You Eat

Besides the exercise, you also need to look out for your diet. What you eat will affect how you look. Work with a dietitian to come up with a diet that works work for you. Even if you don’t consult with one, there is a good rule-of-thumb: more vegetables and protein. The protein is for building muscle while the vegetables will provide minerals and vitamins that will give you a healthy look. Minimize the consumption of sugars and processed food. You will also need to keep track of your progress. If you want to lose weight, counting calories is still the most effective way to do so. It also encourages you since you know how far you have to go to reach your goal.

Your special day should be unforgettable. Preparing for it should be your priority. It may feel difficult at the time, but the results can be worth it. Start your preparations early and see yourself transform for your big day.

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Easy Ideas to Help You Create a Home Workout Space

With the pandemic not abating anytime soon, more people are deciding to spend more time at home. To avoid totally succumbing to the couch potato lifestyle, you may have started entertaining the idea of a home gym or dedicated workout space at home.

And why not? It’s a great idea to stay fit and active while you’re cooped up indoors. Plus, you don’t have to drive or take the bus to a typical gym just to get a good sweat going.

So what are some suggestions on how you can go about designing the ideal home workout space? Below are a few tips to consider.

Design for workout variety and functionality

When you’re creating a space for workouts, make sure that you’re allowing for as much variety as possible. In other words, don’t limit yourself to just a bench-press and a few barbells. Working on your chest and arms repeatedly, day and day out, is a quick way to injure yourself.

The body needs a good mix of workouts to allow for proper muscle development and recovery. One space can be for chest and arm workouts. Another area could be for core and lower body workouts.

Additionally, consider functionality when you’re designing the space. For example, you can assign a small portion of the space as a dirty laundry area, where you can just throw in sweaty clothes that go straight to the laundromat.

When you’re routinely working out, it can be fairly easy for dirty clothes to pile up and be forgotten in some dark corner. So make sure your favorite pair of shorts or compression sleeves are always available for those intense workouts!

Create a space that will inspire you to move

Whether it’s the basement, attic, or an extra bedroom, create a space that is conducive to physical activity. There are a ton of ways to go about this.

For instance, take a look at the walls. This is a space where you can attach posters or wallpapers that will motivate you to get those workouts done.

Perhaps an image of your idol or favorite athlete will do the trick. Photos of a memorable race or sporting event may also be appropriate. And if you’re the motivational quotes kind of person, then by all means make those words visible in your space.

Next, use natural light to get that heat and energy in. But if your windows are not strategically placed to take advantage of sunlight, you can install lighting fixtures that can produce the same energizing effect.

Invest in proper flooring

girl doing sport exercises at home

There are two main reasons why you need good flooring. First, it’s to protect the floor surface of your home. Second, it helps you avoid injury.

Banging those kettlebells and other equipment can damage your home’s flooring. And when you’re doing core workouts and jumping movements, the hard surface can put stress on your lumbar, hips, and knees. The last thing you want is to increase your risk of sprains and serious knee injuries.

To prevent these scenarios from happening, place foam mats in your workout space. Most options are inexpensive, and you can find them in a number of stores — online or otherwise. If you couldn’t care less about fancy brands and all that jazz, you can easily find them in a nearby home depot.


Build Your MMA Foundation with These Skills

MMA requires expertise in striking as well as grappling. While most proponents of the sport will argue that you need to master several disciplines to learn the sport, you can actually do exceptionally well by just relying on two. Put on those wrestling mouthguards and let’s get it on.


A single solid punch delivers the majority of knockouts in MMA. While some would say that kickboxing is a much better option since you’re trained to use also kicks, elbows, and knees, focusing primarily on boxing skills gives you a more solid foundation in striking. Kicks and knees are much harder to throw, they make you lose your balance, and they require a longer recovery period. A trained boxer can easily guard or evade one of those long-winded kicks and go in for the kill as the other party recovers. Boxing focuses on hand speed, explosive power, evasion, guarding, precise targeting, and exploiting your opponent’s openings with counters and timed attacks. It teaches you to quickly recover to guard after each strike, ensuring that your opponent doesn’t get to grasp or catch your striking hand. Footwork also plays a very significant role as getting into the right position can make it easier to land that big shot. Boxing skills are even made more effective with the use of MMA gloves which have significantly less cushioning than standard padded boxing gloves.


You might be thinking, why wrestling and not BJJ or judo? Simply put, wrestling synergizes well with boxing. Wrestling gives you the proper skills to defend from a take-downs, allowing you to keep standing and dishing out those punches. Though it might not have the thorough applications of locks and joint manipulations of BJJ or judo, you’ll still have enough skills to counter them or avoid getting entangled. BJJ and judo also have less emphasis on takedown defense compared to wrestling. While you may not be winning on submissions, a good wrestling game will allow you to dictate where the fight takes place. You can keep standing up or slam your opponent to the ground when an opening shows itself. Wrestling focuses on positioning, leverage, and explosive strength. Like boxing, footwork and evasion are emphasized to get into position to take your opponent down or avoid that takedown yourself.

Synergy in Training


Training in both boxing and wrestling ensures that you cover the weaknesses of both sports. The cardio in boxing allows you to remain at peak performance for more extended periods. Wrestlers often have endurance issues if a fight gets drawn out, so a little bit (or a lot) of cardio would definitely help. The explosive power of boxers can get limited once they get entangled. However, the strength training in wrestling can give you enough endurance to break off from those particularly dangerous positions.

Boxing and wrestling are the most efficient combination for MMA. You get to dictate the tempo and where the match takes place. Your matches will not look beautiful or technical, but they will be brutal and efficient.

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