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Health is Wealth: Business Opportunities in the Health and Wellness Industry

Are you into health and wellness? Are you an advocate of a healthy and active lifestyle? If your answer to these questions is yes, you can use this opportunity to be your own boss while doing the things you love. Starting a business in this industry can be rewarding; especially now that Americans are more health conscious than ever.

The State of the Health and Wellness Industry

Health and wellness is a promising industry. In fact, the worldwide wellness economy is a $4.2 trillion market, based on the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor. The report also shows that the industry reached 12.8 percent growth from 2015 to 2017, which is almost as fast as the global economic growth.

This means more consumers value health and wellness over material objects. People now focus on having their mental, physical, and mental health in sync. Feeling good, looking great, and getting quality sleep has become the luxuries people want to flaunt, both on social media and real life.

You can anchor your new business to these demands. Business opportunities are just around the corner waiting for you to grab them.

The Industry’s Promising Business Opportunities

More consumers are willing to spend extra cash to maintain their beauty, weight, and overall wellness. It makes sense, therefore, why businesses related to health and wellness would be more profitable. If you’re planning to enter this industry, here are three businesses you might consider:

  • Be a personal trainer. Personal training goes beyond helping people get buff. You can also assist teens in bulking up and become more competitive in their chosen sport or help older adults maintain healthy bones. You need to obtain a certification first, however, to qualify. The median salary of a personal trainer as of 2018 was $19.15 per hour and $39,820 annually.

massage therapist

  • Sell health and wellness products. Consider selling health and wellness products, such as vegan and gluten-free snacks, supplements, vitamins, and weight loss tools. Researching the products you plan to sell is necessary to ensure that you succeed and don’t violate any government regulation. Find a reliable private label manufacturer of vitamins, as well, to provide products safe for consumption.
  • Open a massage therapy business. People are always looking for ways to manage stress, tension, and pain. One way to do this is to get a relaxing massage. The median salary of a massage therapist in 2018 was $41,420 annually. You can perform the massage by yourself or hire a team of licensed therapists to accommodate more clients.

Starting Your Own Business

Merely having an interest or love for something is not enough to run a business in the long run. Like other ventures, starting your own brand comes with several challenges and factors you need to consider for higher chances of succeeding.

Staying true to what you believe in, for instance, helps your business strive. Despite the various trends happening in the industry, you should focus on things that can help your business stand the test of time.

Capital is another major factor when starting a business. Make sure that you have more than you think you need because the return on investment doesn’t come overnight. Your capital should be able to fund the level you want to launch.

Consumers should also feel a connection to your brand. That’s why you should have a compelling story that would appeal to your target consumers, rather than simply sporting flashy packaging.

Opening a business, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, can be tough. Don’t be afraid to fail because it teaches you what and how to improve your process. Combine your passion for health and wellness with your drive to be a successful entrepreneur to build a brand that helps people look and feel beautiful.

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man prepares drug in spoon, close up

How to Help a Loved One Who Is Addicted to Opiates

Opioid addiction affects thousands of people in the country every year. If any of your loved ones has developed an addiction to opioid, you know how difficult it is to handle their situation.

But there are ways you can reach out to your loved one and help them recover from their situation. One is to schedule a consultation at a Suboxone clinic to learn the best treatment options for them. Aside from that, here are other things you can do to help a loved one battling opioid addiction.

Stop becoming an enabler

Just thinking about the state of your family member’s condition makes it difficult to avoid enabling their addiction. However, take note that cushioning the consequences of their actions does not help them with their situation.

Instead, it makes it difficult for them to move on from their current state. Moreover, it will make their addiction even worse. Showing them tough love by letting them experience what it is like to be at the bottom will help them understand the need to find treatment.

Be open and receptive

There will be times when your loved one will become difficult, especially when they are already addicted to opiates. No matter what happens, try your best to create an open line of communication, free from any blaming or shaming.

Otherwise, your loved one will only resort to projecting the blame back to you. What is worse is when they refuse to own up to their mistakes. Let your loved one feel that you are concerned about them and how much their situation worries you. Show them that you empathize with them and you only want what is best.

drugs narcotic syringe on floor

Think about yourself, too

Most people would often put others first especially when their loved one needs help. However, addiction does not only affect the person with drug abuse disorder. It penetrates deep within the family and becomes a disease.

That is why experts suggest that you also get emotional support and guidance for yourself. Doing so will help protect your mental health as you try to intervene with your loved one’s condition.

Acknowledge your emotions

It is normal to feel angry or feel humiliated when you first learn that your loved one is suffering from opioid addiction. Unfortunately, dealing with sudden emotional changes can be difficult. It is even worse when you are trying to make a calm conversation with your loved one.

Instead of letting your emotions run the discussion, try to step away and compose yourself. Creating any heated discussion will not help you encourage your loved one to get help. Rather, try to face the addiction before you speak to them to help you keep your emotions in check. Although it may take some time to get used to it, doing so will help you handle your loved one’s situation in the long run.

Families should discuss the available options to help a loved one recover from their addiction. Bear in mind that it is possible to fight opioid dependence with the right medication-assisted treatment.

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woman's feet with bunions

Sore Feet? You Might Have a Bunion

The foot is created in such a way that it can carry the body’s full weight while at the same time allowing a person to walk and be mobile comfortably. Every bone and muscle in the foot has its respective function and when something is amiss, you might have a hard time walking comfortably.

Bunions are often a culprit for such discomfort and even pain. In some cases, going to a bunion corrector in Singapore, commonly known as a podiatrist, can help solve the problem. However, before heading to your doctor’s office, it would be best to have an idea of what bunions are in order to have a more fruitful discussion.

What are bunions?

Bunions are a condition where a bony bump is formed at the base of your big toe. While it is natural for your big toe to lean towards your other toes, having a bunion can cause your big toe to get bigger and stick out. Because a “new” bone has formed in that position, bunions often cause the foot to change in shape. Pressure applied to the bunion when wearing shoes can cause callouses.  Bunions can cause obvious changes in foot shape, callouses, and even pain. Bunions may make the simple tasks of wearing closed shoes and walking very uncomfortable, and in severe cases, impossible. Unlike other conditions, bunions are visible to the naked eye.

Podiatrist massaging the foot of a woman while holding it on his thigh indoors

What causes bunions to form?

Unfortunately, no one knows what causes bunions to form. However, research shows that women are often prone to having bunions partly because of the tight shoes that they wear. Prolonged wearing of high heels can cause the foot to change shape over time which can, in turn, cause bunions. But, in some cases, it is hereditary. If any of your family members have suffered from bunions, chances are, you and your offsprings might also suffer from them.

How to do you treat bunions?

While there is no known cause of bunions, there are a lot of ways to treat them. However, for cases of pain or impaired walking caused by the condition, going to a podiatrist or an orthopedic foot specialist should be done.

Most doctors often try non-surgical treatments first. Aside from wearing , you may be made to change to more comfortable shoes with a wider foot area, in order to remove pressure on the bunion. This can also help prevent callouses. In some cases, your doctor will advise you to wear padding or special shoe inserts. These inserts are often custom-made, with the goal of changing your foot’s alignment. Sometimes, wearing a toe splint at night to help straighten your toe can also be done. If the case is severe, your doctor might recommend surgery, removing the bunion to help your foot get back to its original shape and alignment.

Bunions might look harmless, and in most cases, they are. But if you feel like they are limiting your mobility and freedom, then seeing a podiatrist to help you with your problem should be done as soon as possible.

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Teeth Misalignment

Reasons You Should Take Tooth Misalignment Seriously

Misaligned teeth are one of the most common dental issues in Tampa. Other than the spoiled smile because of crooked teeth, misalignment affects the facial appearance of the victim. Some other common issues arising from the same are jaw pain, chewing problems, and speech challenges. Fortunately, a dentist in Tampa and other dentistry experts continue to search for solutions for malocclusions. Modern braces are a good example of what medicinal inventions can help in overcoming oral health challenges. It is good to seek the attention of the doctor early because orthodontic treatments tend to become more expensive as they become entrenched.

Even if it is just one tooth with an alignment problem, you should seek dental help, because of not only the cost aspect but also the following issues.

1. Gum Disease

Not all patients with malocclusions develop gum disease, but the presence of alignment problems can enhance the development of periodontal disease. Teeth crookedness makes it extremely easy for bacteria to thrive in the spaces created within the gums. For people whose gums have pockets due to ill-fitting gums, the situation becomes even worse. As bacteria make these pockets their home, tooth loss may follow, thus compounding the problem even more.

2. Brushing Teeth Difficulty

Brushing teeth may seem like a normal routine, but it such a difficult affair for people with misaligned teeth. Mostly, this challenge is for jammed teeth, where the space for brushing individual teeth is nonexistent. Not flossing or brushing properly gives room for other complications, most visibly the formation of plaque. Bacteria will have a field day in such a scenario, and serious dental complications could be in the offing in months to come.

3. Tooth Injury

tooth misalignment

One risk that exists by the mere fact that teeth are out of place is an injury. Normal teeth line up along the gum. This not only gives a perfect smile but also provides support for each tooth. For the misaligned teeth, this form of safety is removed, as each tooth seems to be on itself. You can attest to the fact protruding teeth tend to crack and chip. Such tooth problems are not only painful but also challenging to repair for any dentist.

4. Bad Breath

The food we eat can contribute to an occasional bad breath, which is easy to control with brushing and flossing. What if the best efforts will not help get rid of the bad breath? If you have crooked teeth, the answer lies there. Because of the difficulty to brush, more bacteria remain in the gaps and contribute to the bad breath.

5. Other Diseases

Tooth alignment challenges affect more than just dental health; general health is also at high risk. Scientists have discovered a correlation between periodontal complications and obesity, diabetes and other serious ailments. As the gums become inflamed, the other parts of the body have heightened risk as well, and susceptibility to general health complications increases.

Dealing with tooth misalignment is always possible, especially for kids. Braces are particularly effective in correcting the issue, even for adults. Discuss with your dentist the various treatment options available to prevent these related problems.

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woman with allergy

Six Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System vs. Allergies

It is hard to know the exact time and moments an allergic reaction will strike. The best way you can fight off the symptoms of your allergy is by boosting your body’s immune system. Strengthening your defenses against allergens can help minimize their effects, which, in turn, will let you live a more normal life.

But where do you start? Here are some ways you can strengthen your immune system and alleviate the symptoms of your allergy.

Go for immunotherapy

This treatment option improves not only your body’s immune system but also its response to specific types of allergens. Studies show that patients who have had immunotherapy injections once or twice a week have desensitized their immune system over time. This is the best option for patients who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms for the entire year.

Add vitamin C to your diet

Allergens, such as dust, mold, pollen, animal dander and insect bites, cause your cells to produce histamine, and histamine is the primary cause of seasonal allergy symptoms. If you take more vitamin C, you will get to prevent the production of histamine, reducing your allergic reactions. To achieve the best results, you can choose to take vitamin C with bioflavonoids every day. This combination will help boost your immunity.

Fight with acupuncture

Undergoing autoimmune disorder acupuncture in Seattle and other forms of relaxing activities can help you create a balance in your body. Thus, controlling your immune response. Some studies show that meditation has a direct positive effect on a person’s stress levels. Moreover, doing a few relaxation activities can also reduce the pain and anxiety that you are feeling in relation to your condition.

Engage in a healthy lifestyle

planning meals

Although spending hours at the gym and eating more vegetables still will not completely cure your allergies, these can minimize its effects, as well as a few common problems, too. A person who is in great shape can withstand allergic symptoms better than those who do not do anything with their health. However, if you have allergies, it is best to do your exercise routines indoors to avoid triggering a reaction. Another option is to take your medication before you go out and exercise.

Take fish oil supplements

There are specific types of oils that boost cell formation inside the body. Consider taking supplements that have DHA and EPA every day. Since both essential fatty acid components are anti-inflammatory, it is a great way to treat heart disease and even hay fever.

Eat some onions

While you may not like their strong smell or taste, onions are actually a great source of quercetin, which is a bioflavonoid that helps reduce some allergy symptoms. Quercetin is useful for treating asthma, sinusitis and colds.

These are only some of the ways you can improve your body’s immune system and protect yourself against allergies. When all else fails, however, get in touch with your doctor immediately. Together, create an allergy management plan that best fits your condition and your needs.

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Woman about to take her pill

Here’s How Not to Miss Your Meds

It is true: sometimes, it can be difficult to remember to take your medicines. It can also be confusing whether you have already taken your meds or not. But do not fret! There are effective methods that can help you remember all your prescriptions drugs without fail. Here are a few simple strategies you can use to keep track of your meds and create a better wellness plan.

Get a pillbox

The easiest and most practical way to keep track of your prescription drugs is by putting them in a pillbox that has several compartments. It can either have separate compartments for each day or even the time of the week. Not only will this remind you of your meds but also prevent any chances of a possible overdose. It is highly advisable to fill your pillbox with all the meds and vitamins that your doctor prescribed.

Learn about your prescription

Another practice that you can do is to learn everything about your prescription. Understanding their effects as well as their importance will help you adhere to your treatment plan much better. Learning about their side effects will also help you recognize them once they occur. Most side effects of drug treatment are temporary. So, be sure to speak with your doctor to learn the long-term and short-term side effects of the meds.

Tap into technology

You can also use mobile apps to monitor your medication so that you will not forget about it. There are specific apps that give you the option to create a list of all your meds, including the ones you got from a compounding pharmacy in Stoney Creek. You can also choose to get a pill reminder and receive prescription refill reminders. Using apps can make it easier for you to stick to your wellness plan and ensure that you will be able to follow it all the time.

Set the calendar

Another way to help you remember your medication is by using your calendar. Although it may seem simple, marking your daily doses on your paper calendar can ensure that you are never behind on your schedule. Just be sure to keep your calendar updated by marking the dates that you had your medicine. Adding it to your routine will help you remember to take your prescription without fail.

Add it to your daily activity

Packings of pills and capsules of medicines

Another tip to help you remember your medication is to tie it with your daily activity like your breakfast or right before you get ready for bed. Adding it to your daily routine will ensure that you will not quickly forget taking it each day.

These are just a few of the ways you can easily remember to take your medicines on time each day. It is always best to ask your doctor as well as your pharmacist to know which medications you can take together. Set up your routine during breakfast, lunch or dinner to make it easier for you to stick to your treatment and wellness plan.

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Depressed teenager beside the window

Four Signs Your Teen Is Suffering From Depression

Teen depression is a serious problem that a lot of adolescents experience these days. Academic pressure, issues with their peers and their changing bodies can take a significant toll on them. These can affect how they think, feel and behave.

Fortunately, there are many institutions that offer treatment programs for teens struggling with depression and low self-esteem. You can read this review of the Eva Carlston Academy, which focuses on psychotherapy for adolescent girls.

As a parent, it is also your role to guide your teenage child throughout recovery. But where and how do you start? Well, first, you have to know the signs that tell your kid has depression.

1. Emotional Changes

Does your child often show signs of sadness, such as crying spells, for no apparent reasons? Do they often get frustrated even with trivial matters? Any emotional changes with your child may already be signs of depression. One sign that your child is experiencing teen depression is if his or her sadness has been persistent for more than two weeks.

However, if your teen does not seem to open up to you, you could turn to his or her friends for help. Teens tend to become very secretive with their parents at a certain age. So, it might be best to speak with their friends to know if there is anything that is going on with your child.

2. Problems With Grades

Teenager answering an examAnother sign of teen depression that you need to watch out for is poor school performance. If you notice that your child’s grade is declining due to lack of participation in class activities, then you need to see and assess if your kid is experiencing depression.

Teens who are suffering from depression tend to find it difficult to concentrate on things. Moreover, they also have difficulty in making decisions, which can significantly affect their health.

3. Falling Self-Esteem

Some teens with depression abruptly display poor self-esteem. They will often find something wrong with them and never seem to be content with how they look. Some also seek constant reassurance from people that they know in order to feel validation.

Other signs also include feeling unloved, worthless and helpless. If you notice any of these symptoms, the best thing to do is to speak with your teen about it and ask why he or she feels this way and what triggers these emotions.

4. Physical Manifestation

There are times when psychological pain manifests physically without any apparent cause. Frequently recurring headaches, as well as stomachaches, can be signs of depression. Another physical sign that your child may be experiencing depression is if he or she suddenly complains of fatigue or having no energy to perform the activities that he or she used to enjoy.

As a parent, you should focus on your child’s needs and give him or her support that he or she needs. While letting your kid attend group therapy sessions will greatly help, you still hold the key to ensuring that your child feels loved no matter what.

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Towards Healthier Teeth

woman with healthy teeth

A trip to the dentist is a good way to improve one’s oral health and hygiene. The dentist brings their professional gaze to the patient’s teeth. They provide treatment for any existing issues as well as advice about how to have better dental health in the future. With regular visits to the dentist in Mackay, the patient will experience a higher level of oral healthcare than they’d be able to give themselves on their own.

Why visit the dentist in Mackay?

The prevention of gum disease and tooth decay is a big reason people go to see the dentist in Mackay. At a practice such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, patients can access the full range of treatments for their oral health concerns. Having a healthy mouth is a key element in having a healthy body.

Treatments for existing issues are another major service offered by the dentist in Mackay. By making skilful repairs to damaged teeth, the dentist preserves the patient’s dental function. Biting into food can be enjoyed as normal. Visual concerns are catered for with substances that mimic the colour of the surrounding teeth.

Dental decisions

Hygiene is an aspect of oral health that cannot be ignored. The Mackay dentist can provide professional cleaning services that will revitalise the patient’s gums and dental surfaces. Advice on good tooth-brushing habits is tailored to each individual patient. Everybody who visits the dentist will have slightly different areas they need to focus on. The dentist’s advice is based on up-to-date industry research.

Payment plans enable patients to care for their teeth and gums without having to wait to save up lump sums. By spreading the cost of vital oral health treatments, patients can access the benefits of dental enhancements without delay.

Visiting the dentist in Mackay is also a way to improve the appearance of one’s smile. Cosmetic improvements take the form of one-off treatments as well as long-term transformations. Using advanced skills and contemporary technologies, dentists are able to enhance their patients’ dental appearance. Treatments such as tooth realignment can also make the teeth easier to clean, improving hygiene as well as aesthetics.

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woman with restored teeth

Restorative Dentistry in Mackay

Most dentists advise patients to visit twice a year in order to stay on top of their oral health. And while this is simple to remember, quite a few patients tend to lose an appointment or two (or more). More alarmingly, the lack of pain or other symptoms can make patients believe that it is ok to go without visiting the dentist for longer periods of time without consequences. Sadly, this habit can lead to many dental problems, most of which could have been prevented.

Nonetheless, it is never too late to visit the dentist in Mackay. Even if a patient’s teeth have received extensive damage and need to be restored, a dentist in Mackay, such as Northern Beaches Dental, will look into the problem, find its underlying cause and the suggest the best restoration method available. Common dental restorations include white fillings, dental composites, crowns and bridges.

Choosing the right option

Knowing there is a problem is often the best strategy to find a solution, before it becomes extensive. People who think they might have developed cavities or gum disease are advised to visit a dentist in Mackay as soon as possible. Similarly, patients whose restorations have broken or have sustained any other type of damage are urged to visit the dentist in order to help avoid pain, discomfort and the likelihood of infection.

Here are some popular restorative methods and the ways a dentist in Mackay will employ them to restore a patient’s teeth:

  • White and composite fillings can repair chipped and cracked teeth or fill gaps between teeth. These fillings are made of tooth-coloured resin, composite materials or porcelain and are as durable and long-lasting as veneers and crowns;
  • Dental veneers are thin porcelain leaves, which are attached to the front of the teeth. They are primarily used for covering badly stained and misshapen teeth, but they can also improve the appearance of misaligned and gapped teeth;
  • Crowns are custom-made coverings that protect and restore badly decayed or heavily filled teeth;
  • Bridges are used to fill empty spaces in the mouth, created by a few, consecutive missing teeth.
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Tips on Caring for Dental Implants

Dentist holding dental implants

People who have dental implants in Melbourne know that looking after them is essential. Caring for implants isn’t difficult, and it will mean a long life for them, hopefully without any problems.

Anyone who has dental implants in Melbourne should have been told by their implant dentist how important it is to care for those implants properly. Practices such as High Dental Implants Melbourne give their patients advice on best care and hygiene routines.

After the implants are fitted

Right after the implants have been fitted, whether it is a single tooth implant or a complete system such as All-on-4, there is likely to be some bruising and swelling of the gums for a little while. Care should be taken when brushing the teeth around the implants until the gums have healed, and the implant dentist may advise eating soft foods for a short time.

It is very important at this stage to keep the mouth clean to prevent infection. Some people find that rinsing the mouth with salt water helps, though it is a good idea to check with the dentist for their advice on keeping the implants clean.

Brushing and flossing

Once the gums have healed, a regular brushing and flossing regime should be taken up. People with dental implants in Melbourne are still at risk of gum disease, which can get into the bone around the implant if left untreated, so cleaning the teeth properly is essential. It can be difficult to get to some of the teeth around the implants, so patients should listen to the dentist’s advice on cleaning.

People with single tooth implants in particular will find them very easy to look after. The implant will feel so natural after a while, that some people report that they actually forget they have an implant. The implant tooth or teeth should be included in a normal, twice-daily, brushing and flossing routine.

Regular hygienist visits

Anyone who has dental implants in Melbourne should make sure to visit their hygienist regularly. Hygienists are used to dealing with implants, and can help patients create a good oral hygiene routine. They may recommend certain products that are suited to implant cleaning.

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