Focus on Personal Wellness: What You May Have Been Neglecting

Personal wellness is an aspect that most people ignore until it takes a turn for the worse. By that time, many would experience significant physical, emotional, and mental setbacks requiring many changes to one’s lifestyle. If you’re set on changing yourself for the better and want to improve your health and well-being long-term, you need to start on the aspects you neglect the most, and here are some of the most common ones.


Although most people use their teeth to eat every day, many fail to maintain proper oral hygiene as it places them at greater risk for getting cavities, leading to eventual tooth loss or gingivitis. You can easily prevent this by regularly brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste or going to an orthodontic clinic to see if you have any issues—helping you achieve healthier and brighter teeth.


Fingernails are made from laminated layers of a protein called keratin, and if you have strong and healthy nails, they’ll likely be smooth and free from grooves and discoloration. That’s why if you see any uneven grooves, the fingernails are looking dull, or you’re experiencing swelling on them, it’s time you start taking care of them. Whether you regularly get manicures and pedicures, practicing good nail hygiene is the best way to ensure top-notch condition.

There are several ways to keep your fingernails in top condition, including cleaning underneath the nails, using sharp clippers to trim your nails straight cross, and using a lotion to moisturize your nails and cuticles. It’s also best to cut off bad habits such as biting or picking at your nails and cuticles or pulling hangnails.

getting a haircut

Hair and Scalp

When you don’t take care of your hair, this affects your scalp primarily, irritating it. It can lead to dangerous conditions requiring instant treatment. Dandruff is the most common health condition of them all, causing flaky skin and seborrheic dermatitis. You can avoid all these by washing your hair to remove oil and sweat, improving your overall hair and scalp health while improving your appearance.

It’s best to use gentle hair care products and avoid those with alcohol, sulfate, and fragrances.


Although it’s evident that taking care of your eyes is essential, many people still tend to do it. Bad eye vision makes it challenging to read, cook, drive, and do simple everyday tasks. Luckily, most eye problems and diseases can get treated if caught early on. That’s why to ensure you keep your eyesight in the best condition possible, get comprehensive dilated eye exams regularly.

Eye care professionals can provide thorough examinations of your eyes for any signs of issues regarding eyesight. Plus, it’s the best way to determine if you need contacts or glasses. The best part is, most health insurers often cover eyesight exams.

Body Hair

Removing body hair is crucial in maintaining healthy hygiene habits. That’s why men and women need to understand the importance of this practice. However, don’t merely shave off the first signs of body hair you see. For instance, if you have scraped skin or have a healing wound, trimming is the best choice as it only chops the hair off from the surface. Shaving isn’t ideal in most cases since it can potentially leave razor burns, lead to ingrown hair, and irritate the skin.

But regardless of the body hair removal method you go for—exfoliating is an excellent choice as it helps slough off dead skin cells that have likely grown around your hair follicles, giving you the best results possible. Additionally, to keep irritation to a minimum, avoid using chemical exfoliants before you remove your body hair.


When you don’t get appropriate rest, your body begins to suffer almost immediately. You’ll see plenty of signs such as circles under your eyes, fine lines, puffiness, and oily skin. Chronic loss of sleep has also been frequently linked to chronic medical conditions, ranging from heart problems to diabetes—all of which adversely affect your health and wellness.

That’s why having quality and enough sleep is crucial, allowing for one’s mind and body to relax and replenish themselves. Letting this essential resting period fall to last items of priorities robs one’s body of its due.

Although some parts of your body might now show the effects of damage as fast as more exposed parts can, including your face, don’t neglect anything. After all, wellness is all about the wholeness of your existence, and that includes the neglected parts mentioned. So, take care of yourself better for a healthier and happier you.


Eat Your Way to a Healthy Spine: Seven Superfoods for a Healthy Back

When we say that our back is killing us, is that an exaggeration or does it really feel like you’re going to collapse from the pain in your back? Exhaustion from work that causes back pain is not a badge of honor you should wear. You should be ashamed for not taking care of yourself more. No one is going to care more about your health than you. It is important that you eat the right food, exercise the right way, and get yourself checked by your doctor regularly. It’s the only way to remain healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, unlike losing weight, people aren’t as aware of what food they should eat and shouldn’t eat when it comes to their spine’s health. They could, in fact, be eating food that will weaken their bones rather than strengthen them. Or they could be lacking in calcium, and they don’t even know that a glass of milk can solve that problem for them.

Food to Avoid

Normally, it is only when you have to go to a back pain treatment clinic that you will realize how you’re neglecting your spinal health. You will be surprised to know that most of what you eat is actually bad for your backbone’s health. Some of these are high-salt food, alcohol, beans/legumes, wheat bran, and caffeine. Even too much vitamin A can have an adverse effect on bone health.

So what should you eat? Make sure to focus on food that is rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin K, and zinc. It’s not easy to incorporate these into your diet, but you have to try to eat portions of fruits, vegetables, and lean meat from breakfast to dinner.

Plant-based Proteins

Proteins found in meat are different from the proteins you can get from certain plants such as lentils, chia seeds, and beans. Vegans are actually packed in protein more than their meat-eating counterparts. The reason for this is that animal-based proteins can lead to inflammation. There are health risks to eating red and white meats. But if you still like to eat animal-based proteins, go for lean meats like chicken and fish.


Any kind of vegetables is good for your spinal health, especially those with strong natural pigments. Kale, broccoli, and spinach work against inflammation. They also pack nutrients that will help strengthen your spine. Make sure to get a lot of them each day. You can start by making vegetable quiches or simply incorporating spinach into your egg toast.



Not everyone loves salmon. Though it is flavorful, it also has that certain smell and aroma that some people do not like. However, salmon is a great source of lean protein, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. As you know, omega-3 fatty acids promote bone and tissue health just like green and leafy vegetables. There are plenty of salmon dishes you can try. You can mix it with pasta or bake it with cream and cheese. The options are endless.


If you are not averse to getting more dairy, eat cheese, milk, and yogurt. It is the easiest and most successful way to get more calcium into your bone. Of course, you have to be careful how you eat more cheese. Getting more cheese through fatty food like pizza and pasta should be done in moderation. As much as possible, eat dairy without cholesterol-heavy food. You can get calcium from other sources, too, such as those green and leafy vegetables.

Herbs and Spices

Ancient civilizations have been using herbs and spices for centuries to address health issues, including back pain and inflammation. Turmeric, a spice mostly used in Indian cuisine, is great for fixing damaged tissues. Cinnamon, ginger, basil, and rosemary can fight inflammation and boost the immune system. The great thing about herbs and spices is that you can incorporate them into your meals or you can make a herbal tea with cinnamon and ginger as the base.


Go for high-pigmented fruits just like with vegetables. These are the ones that are great for your spinal health. Berries, in particular, are good for your backbone because they are full of antioxidants and nutrients. However, as with dairy, don’t overdo eating fruits because these convert to sugar once in your body. Try to eat at least a cup of fruits two to three times a day. You can incorporate berries in your meals. You can even turn them into desserts.


Fan or not, avocados are great for your spinal health. They are full of fiber, healthy fats, and potassium. Not to mention, they are great for your overall health. Again, don’t overdo eating avocados. Since these are fatty food, too much can be a detriment to your health. There are a lot of ways to mix avocados in your daily meals. You can eat them as is or turn them into a guacamole dip.

Over the years, there have been a lot of developments in the field of spinal health. This also paved the way for more research about what food to eat to maintain a healthy backbone. These and more should help ensure that you can enjoy the outdoor adventures and activities without worrying about your spinal health.

work out

Health is Wealth: Workouts During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been around for a year. People suffered and economies continue to bear the brunt of the lockdowns. Although this is true, people tend to suffer the most because of the anxiety and doubt that they’ve experienced as they spent most of the time in isolation.

Not everyone had to go through this, of course. There were people who were able to spend time with their loved ones, but they were forced to stay home. No one could go out; people who needed to have sessions of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) needed special permission, but such essential procedures were allowed. Those who were sick were forced to phone in their consultations.

One way people could remain out and about — even just within reach of their homes — was to be strong of mind and body. How would they do that? They had to strengthen their immune systems through exercise.

More Time to Workout

The pandemic has forced people to rethink their strategies and alter their lives to suit the restrictions. Work, family, education — almost every facet of life has been changed, either for the worst or for the better. This has also forced people to think of ways to entertain themselves in isolation with some turning to workouts to spend their time wisely.

The nature of the changes has even made the keyword “exercise” trend on Google’s search engines. People found what they were looking for — exercising while at home, working out in the backyard, and the benefits of doing such activities.

They did act upon their searches too, and the result has been that more people got into or returned to an active lifestyle. It’s a good thing, too, considering working out has beneficial effects on the immune system.

People Who Didn’t Work Out Found Time

There was a study done that some older adults found themselves having more active lifestyles. During the start of the pandemic, they have been inactive and haven’t done any exercising. A little later, around June, they found the time to try to remember their workouts and find their groove.

Most studies showed that people had turned to an active lifestyle; there was a lot of time on their hands suddenly and very few activities to help them entertain themselves. As people began to recall their exercise habits and became used to exercise, they also started to follow through with this lifestyle, too.

Work Out Helps You

The results of exercise aren’t seen during the first few weeks but keeping at it usually yields visible gains. You’ll feel like you have a better spring to your step as well as a better time thinking about things. You’ll also notice your body beginning to show your gains in a short time.

But there are also benefits. Your immune system becomes stronger and there are also mental health problems that your body fights off better because of exercise.

Aside from helping you avoid several types of cancer (lung, breast, etc.), it also helps you fight off depression and other mental health problems.

It’s Easy to Work Out Anywhere

woman after hiking or jogging

Contrary to what some may believe, you don’t have to invest in workout apparatus to have your exercise fix fulfilled. You can also do it at home even without gym equipment. These take less time, too, because you don’t have to build yourself up to get into the workout groove from home.

When others in your household see you — such as your children or other relatives — you’re also setting a good example and making them see the benefits of an active lifestyle. Home workouts are also easy to get back to, even when the lockdowns are lifted, and life resumes under the new normal.

Any Guide Will Do

You also don’t have to pay an expensive fee to workout at home; you are your own trainer here. If you’ve got a few workouts that you’ve brought home from the gym, it’s easy to get back at it if you remember the repetitions. With a good workout, you’ll see that you’re able to get your gym body without even having to leave your home.

You can also find videos of workout guides online. There are a lot of video streaming websites that offer these workouts. There are a wide variety of workouts to try, and most of these are geared towards helping specific age groups get sweating.

It’s not that difficult to get into an active lifestyle. The pandemic has already opened doors for most of us to get back into that groove of an active lifestyle; it’s up to us to sustain this lifestyle, even after the pandemic.

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Male Hormonal Imbalance: Knowing The Signs And Treatment

There are times when you don’t know what seems to be wrong with your body. As you age, your body tries to keep up, but it can’t perform as it once was. But it may be more than aging. You might be suffering from a hormonal imbalance. These can greatly affect your physical health and fitness. Here’s a look at some potential imbalances you might be suffering from and how you can treat them.


Many people don’t understand that diabetes is a hormone imbalance. Insulin is one of the body’s essential hormones. The pancreas produces it, but there are several reasons why your body might not be producing enough of it. There are two ways this happens. First, there is type 1 diabetes, and this is when your pancreas is malfunctioning and does not produce the needed insulin. Second, there is type 2 diabetes. While your body is producing enough insulin, it is experiencing resistance to it. The result is that you need more insulin than you have. Age can also be a factor as your pancreas weakens and your body naturally builds up insulin resistance.

Both types of diabetes have nasty symptoms. The main job of insulin is to regulate the blood sugar level in your body. Without the effects of insulin, the sugar remains in your blood and can cause dizziness, dehydration, hunger, and weight loss. It can affect you mentally, too, as it has been linked to anxiety and depression.

Proper treatment includes insulin injections and better control over sugar intake.


Another effect of age is the lower production of testosterone and estrogen. Low testosterone is often associated with men while low estrogen with women, but people need them both. Testosterone helps protect the nervous system and helps fight off depression, and estrogen helps with a variety of cognitive functions. If you are low in both, then you will have problems. The main culprit for the decrease in these hormones is aging. This is why the general terms for this happening are andropause and menopause.

Both of them share similar symptoms. Mood swings and fatigue are usual. But each gender also faces unique challenges. Women experiencing menopause face hot flashes and tenderness in their breasts. Men face the chance of anemia and smaller testicles. Hormonal replacement therapy is the best option for those who are looking to improve their condition.

Adrenal Insufficiency

eating disorder concept

Your body’s adrenal glands produce a variety of hormones when you are stressed. These include adrenaline, cortisol, and more. Their main aim is to help you cope with the stress. However, the problem is that a lot of people face stress continually. The result is that your body is working overtime to produce all these stress hormones. This can be bad for your body as it is always on high alert. This is a big problem when it comes to cortisol levels. This hormone is in charge of various functions in your body. When your adrenal glands end up overproducing, they can eventually run out. This means a lack of cortisol in your body. Your adrenal glands could also end up damaged in an accident, so it doesn’t produce as much.

When your body lacks cortisol, you will feel fatigued, loss of appetite, and more. Your doctor usually recommends a blood test to see whether there are any signs of adrenal insufficiency. If it is confirmed, your doctor will usually recommend medicines that will help cope with the lack of cortisol. Additionally, a diet focused on calcium, vitamin D, and sodium is necessary to make up for the lack of cortisol.


Your thyroid is another gland that produces hormones that your body needs. It can affect you whether it produces too much or too little. Thyroid hormones affect your metabolism, so your body might change a lot depending on what is happening. If your thyroid is not working well, then you might need to take supplements. As for overproduction, some doctors might even recommend complete removal of the thyroid, but medication can also lessen the efficiency of the gland.

Hormonal imbalances can change your life for the worse. If you don’t get the right treatment, then you will face a lot of problems as you grow older. It is better to identify and handle the issue early than to let it get worse. The issues above are the most common, but there are others out there. With more than 50 hormones in your body, one of them being too much or too little can greatly affect your life. Check with your doctor to see whether you need any extra help.

eating disorder concept

Eating Disorders on the Rise: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Food During the Pandemic

The entire world is experiencing a historic yet traumatic moment because of COVID-19. For the first time, generations have to live in fear that they will catch a highly contagious virus and become seriously ill. COVID-19 took merely a few months since its discovery to spread in every nation around the globe.

No one is spared. All nations are struggling to contain the virus. Even nations that initially showed success were challenged with new infections over and over again.

This meant that many people have to continue shelter in place or live with the fear that the virus will endanger their lives and the lives of those they love.

A Collective Trauma

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to other widespread health concerns: stress, anxiety, depression. The deadly illness, as well as the measures created to contain it, has led to people feeling overwhelmed with fear, nervousness, loneliness, and sadness. These feelings are exacerbated by changes within their day-to-day habits and being unable to interact with loved ones is creating a problem in mental health present in large swaths of the population.

A survey conducted by Pew Research in 2020 found that more than one-third of all Americans have exhibited symptoms of anxiety, depression, or both since the pandemic began in March.

Rising Eating Disorder Cases

The whole world is going through a collective trauma, one that leaves long-term psychological and emotional scarring. The negative impact of the pandemic on mental health is both immediate and prolonged. And, it is triggering a lot of conditions that many people thought they have long ago overcome.

The National Eating Disorders Association reported receiving 70-80% more calls in the past year.

The restrictions imposed to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, such as lockdowns, have disrupted habits and routines, something that is causing many people to feel lost and overwhelmed. The lockdowns also meant that they cannot physically see their therapist and their support systems. Many treatment programs or options for anorexia nervosa or bulimia went online through teletherapy. However, to some, the pandemic impeded their road to recovery.

Stress Leading to Binge Eating

The stress of living through a pandemic is causing many people to turn to eating often unhealthy food for comfort. This leads to binge eating, also an eating disorder. Once or twice should not be a cause for concern, but if it often happens it can be a problem.

A survey in the U.S. and the Netherlands found that up to 30% of respondents experienced an increased urge to binge eat or are already binge eating more often because of the pandemic.

Forming a Healthy Relationship with Food During the Pandemic

making a salad

During the pandemic, eating a balanced diet is important. It ensures that you are getting the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to fight off infections. However, the stress because of the current crisis can lead people to spiral out of control.

The best way to prevent anyone from restricting themselves from eating or overeating is to practice mindfulness. Make sure that you are taking good care of yourself, both physically and mentally during these troubled times.

Reach out to family and friends as much as you can. While it is crucial that everyone maintain a safe distance from one another, it does not mean that people should remove themselves completely from social circles. While video calls cannot recreate the joy and warmth of being physically beside your loved ones, they can still make you feel that you are not alone in the fight.

It would also help patients to create new habits and routines. The old ones are gone, but you can develop new ones that you can follow throughout the pandemic. You have the option to schedule your meals so you do not forget to eat or plan healthy snacks before you start reaching for pizza. You know yourself better than anyone. Fight your instinct by pre-planning so, if you begin to spiral, you would know what to do.

Moreover, talk to your therapist or nutritionist. Even if you are not in any treatment plan for an eating disorder, it is good to have guidance from a mental health professional. Having your concerns heard will help you parse through your thoughts and emotions better. You can become resilient psychologically despite the pandemic.

Humans have a very complicated relationship with food and the pandemic will only exacerbate existing problems with it. The best thing anyone can do is to reach out to others, especially mental health professionals, for help.

reconstructive surgery of cleft palate

Reconstructive Fixes That Help People Lead Easier Lives

Physical deformities are a fact of life. A well-off child from Westchase can have the same problems as a middle-aged man from Port au Prince if they draw the same genetic card. Fortunately for them, medical science has advanced to the point that simple physical ailments can be made better with simple procedures.

A few of these procedures include:

Cleft Lips and Palate

Cleft lips and palates can occur in infants regardless of where they are born. A hole forms in the palate or roof of an infant’s mouth, which may remain as an opening or cleft if the left and right sides of an infant’s face and palate if they fail to join correctly. Children with cleft palates may have difficulties developing speech and hearing and be susceptible to adverse development and ear infections.

Nearly all cleft lips and palates are treated at birth. For people who are not able to get the surgery early, they may still get it now. The tissues of the soft palate are connected and rearranged to cover the cleft.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are sometimes required for treating cleft palates. Bilateral cleft lip and palates may require dental surgeries as a patient’s lateral incisors may be missing due to their condition. Dental implants are also a must as gum disease, which leads to tooth loss, can, in turn, lead to worse diseases. Having no teeth to eat with can also put a hamper on a patient’s nutrition.

Implants replace tooth roots as solid foundations for permanent or removable replacement teeth made to look like the real thing. Dental implants fuse with the bone and, unlike dentures, would not slip out of place. They do not need to be removed and cleaned normally like regular teeth, removing the hassle associated with dentures.

doctors in operating room performing surgery

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is often needed by people who were forced to have a mastectomy due to medical purposes, either to prevent cancer from spreading to the rest of the body or to mitigate the risk of developing the disease. The procedure is also important for women who need to have their busts rebuilt.

Plastic surgeons reconstruct breasts by using artificial implants or a tissue flap from another part of the patient’s body. Both methods can be used at the same time. Reconstructed breasts can become sensitive to touch but may not achieve the same sensation as they did before.

Skin Grafting

Necrotizing flesh, extensive wounding, burns, and removal of skin cancers all require a form of skin grafting. Transplanting skin, known as skin grafts, are crucial to healing injuries that otherwise could not be healed.

Plastic surgeons can repair damaged skin with two kinds of grafts. Thin layers of healthy skin are peeled off from the donor section of the body to grow on the affected area. This method is the most common type of skin grafting. Full-thickness grafts are rarer and riskier, but the donor patch heals more quickly and feels less painful.

Not all physical ailments are life-threatening. A few can be lived with, but if it causes enough discomfort to disrupt a person’s life, they owe it to themselves to treat these ailments. Doctors and hospitals can be asked for these treatments’ prices, and insurance companies may cover them as part of their coverage.

making a salad

Foods That Can Give You More Energy

Many individuals may feel exhausted at some point in the day, and lack of energy can affect your daily activities, making you less productive. Food plays an essential role in determining your energy levels; all you need to do is choose the right ones, add them to your diet, and keep eating them in reasonable amounts.

Most energizing foods are healthy, allowing the elderly or individuals who are recovering from illnesses to enjoy good food and get more energy safely. The good news is these items are easy to come by and not difficult to eat, even for people who wear clear aligners from a dental lab. They won’t have a challenging time biting or chewing.

Here are the best energy-boosting foods to add to your diet:

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are a great source of vitamin B12, which works with folate, producing red blood cells, and helping iron work better in your circulation. Having steady levels of red blood cells can reduce your tiredness and give you an energy boost. Additionally, fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, reducing inflammation, a common cause of fatigue, energizing you further.


Oatmeal contains plenty of complex carbohydrates, meaning it’s full of fiber and nutrients. It’s usually slower to digest, supplying you with needed energy gradually instead of all at once, which often ‘crashes your energy’ altogether. Having a bowl during the morning can keep you going for hours.



A single egg contains a whopping 6 grams of protein, providing the energizing fuel your body needs. Additionally, it also has more nutrients than other foods, satisfying your hunger, keeping you energized, and preventing binge eating.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is an extremely nutritious food and compared to processed or refined white rice, it’s healthier and can maintain more nutritional value. Half a cup or 50 grams of brown rice has 2 grams of fiber, a mineral that helps your body’s enzymes break down carbohydrates and proteins, generating more energy. Moreover, brown rice can help regulate blood sugar levels, promoting steady energy levels all day.


If you remove the chicken’s skin, it can be an excellent and healthy lean protein source. A piece of grilled chicken with lightly seasoned greens can be a delicious energizing meal that won’t weigh you down, fueling you steadily until the end of the day. Additionally, chicken possesses less unhealthy saturated fats than other meats like pork.

Beef Liver

If your body doesn’t get enough vitamin B12, your energy may lag or get to dangerous levels. Beef liver is one of the best sources of that essential nutrient, containing loads of protein to keep you fueled for a long time. If you’re not too keen on eating liver, you can also get your vitamin B12 fix from meat, chicken, fish, and eggs.

Sweet Potatoes

Besides being healthy, filling, and delicious, sweet potatoes are a goldmine for energy. In fact, one cup or 100 grams of sweet potatoes pack up 25 grams of complex carbs, allowing your body to digest them slower, which, in turn, gives you a steady supply of energy. However, make sure to eat sweet potatoes in moderation as it can build up fat over time.


Oysters are known to be an excellent source of protein. However, besides that, they’re also loaded with zinc. This essential nutrient helps your body fight off germs that may deplete your energy levels, making you feel tired. You can eat oysters any way you like and enjoy its many benefits. Whether it’s raw or grilled, oysters can boost your energy like no other.

There’s a wide variety of foods that can help boost your energy. Whether they’re jam-packed with carbs, fiber, or protein, these foods can enhance your power and stamina — and any of the foods mentioned can give you the energy you need alongside other health benefits.

woman working out

Identifying Silent Culprits in Unsuccessful Workout Sessions

Most people love the idea of incorporating fitness into their lives. Everybody knows the benefit of having regular exercise to one’s wellness. Thus, they feel frustrated when they fall short of keeping up with it. Before being too hard on oneself, a person must identify some barriers to exercise. Here are some silent culprits.

Oral Health Issues

When you practice poor dental habits, it can lead to a weakened heart. Thus, a person must be proactive with basic oral hygiene. Also, they must be aware of necessary dental procedures such as wisdom tooth removal. No cavity buildup or swollen gums leads to a more stable cardiac activity.

Keeping a healthy set of teeth, gums, and mouth leads to more than a beautiful smile. It can give you enough stamina to perform and complete an exercise regimen. Thus, the next time you feel low in energy or out of breath, check how you are taking care of your oral health.

Fear of Injury

Some people are afraid of a fitness routine because they are afraid of getting injured. This fear happens when people are uncertain of their skills. Also, injuries occur when one becomes overzealous in completing an exercise routine.

The best way to overcome this barrier is not to overexert yourself. Remember to start with small goals. Also, hiring a trainer is beneficial. They can gauge your skills and guide your progress. You will slowly forget the fear of getting injured and see yourself enjoy getting fit.

Lonely woman spending evening alone

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

When your mind is laden with negative thoughts, your body will not perform to its best capacity. One needs to have a disciplined focus when committing to a fitness regimen. Anxiety, stress, or depression can affect how one performs. Thus, it is essential to take care of one’s mental health. A clear mind can motivate you to flex those muscles.

Insufficient Sleep

Sleep allows the body to repair itself. When a person does not get quality sleep, they will find themselves exhausted most of the time. Even if they try to involve themselves in a workout, it will not give the desired results. They will only find themselves taking more breaks than what is necessary. This lag is because their body cannot keep up.

Sleep and exercise go hand-in-hand. When you know that you have a scheduled fitness program the next day, it is best to get proper shut-eye.

Low Self-Confidence

Many people never pursue their fitness goals because they feel that they cannot do it. It can be because they have high expectations of themselves at the onset. It can also be because they do not honor their efforts well and try to compare themselves with others.

For you to get rid of your doubts in your capacity, you must learn to focus on your journey. Do not give up when you encounter setbacks. Learn to try again until you find your rhythm. Also, never use another’s achievement as a measure of how well you are doing.


Getting an exercise routine into your lifestyle is not instant. You must learn to identify and overcome barriers for you to succeed. When you do, the benefits are worth all your efforts.


Teeth-Friendly snacks

Be Kind to Your Teeth: These Snacks are Teeth-Friendly

Your teeth are a big part of why you enjoy the food that you eat, but you can wear them out if you eat foods that are overly crunchy or chewy. That is why you have to keep them strong through regular brushing and going easy on sweets as this contributes a lot to their decay. When that happens, you may end up using dentures or require oral surgery.

A rotten tooth can pose an extreme danger to your body if not extracted properly. There is a chance that it just gets chipped off and a small part of it remains in your gums. That is home to bacteria that can infect your gums or your whole mouth, so that has to be removed immediately to avoid further complications.

Eating has to be an enjoyable activity. As long as you know how to take care of your teeth, you can let yourself go and just indulge in consuming your favorite dishes. But you might want to try snacking on these delicious treats. Not only are they tasty, but they can also help in maintaining your pearly whites.

An Apple a Day…

Apples are known to have a lot of health benefits, and you can add this one to the list. The high water content in this fruit helps in the production of saliva, which is instrumental in oral care. This body fluid allows your mouth to rinse itself of bacteria and food particles. Sometimes your mouth gets dry, and that would be a signal for you to hydrate so you can replenish lost water. A bite of this crunchy fruit is refreshingly juicy and subtly sweet, though the latter will depend on the type of apple that you are having.

Chewing the apple’s skin is also great at getting in between your teeth. It can be annoying at first, but that makes it work like a floss. It may stay there for a moment but it will naturally slide itself out if you give it some time. You can also flush those out by drinking water.

This just goes to show that not only do apples keep the doctors away, but dentists as well.

Turning a New Leaf

Another mainstay of the “good food” list, most leafy vegetables come packed with vitamins and minerals. Notable examples would be lettuce, spinach, and kale. They are rich in calcium, which is a mineral known to strengthen your tooth enamel. They are also a great source of folic acid, which is a vitamin that can reduce inflammation of the gums and prevent it from bleeding.

Eating fresh greens will have you experiencing that awesome crunch in every bite. The good thing is they are low in calories and high in fiber, perfect for those who are watching their weights. But if ever you have another reason to have a salad, then that would be so you could have beautiful teeth.

guy smiling

Smile and Say Cheese

Those who love to eat cheese will count this as good news, as they have another good excuse to consume this dairy product. They are found to increase the pH level of your mouth, which is an indicator of acidity. So if you score high on that, it can only mean that you have good oral health. The saliva you produce will be more effective in its cleaning purposes, and this leads to a lower chance of being infected by bacteria.

Being a dairy product, cheese is also a great source of calcium. This will help strengthen all the bones in your body, your teeth included. Just do not consume too much, because it can be high in fat and sodium.

Out of Gum?

Remember the days when you were younger, and you thought that chewing gum made you look cool? Well then, go ahead and chew away regardless of your age. Doing that makes your mouth release saliva and also get into those crevices that you always try so hard to reach with your tongue. Furthermore, this encourages the release of calcium and phosphate, with the latter specializing in strengthening tooth enamel.

There are also gums out there that contain xylitol. This is a type of sweetener, and studies have shown that it can also help lessen the bacteria in your mouth. When you are out traveling and you cannot find a place where you can brush your teeth, just pop these in your mouth and chew away. It should keep you feeling fresh and hold you over until you get access to better facilities.

So instead of digging in your bag for candies, just get yourself a stick of sugar-free gum. That should satisfy your sweet cravings and at the same time improve your oral health.

You have to remember that these foods are not replacements for brushing and flossing. These merely serve as an aid for you to maintain good oral health. But the great thing about them is they do not let you sacrifice flavor in exchange for that.


Straightening teeth for people with an active lifestyle

Not everyone is satisfied with their smile and are perhaps wondering if there is something that can be done about it that can fit into their active lifestyles. Traditional braces can take too long and can be an encumbrance and sometimes dangerous for those who are active in sports or activities that could result in injuries and with more adults taking care of their physical health than previous generations, this is in fact a very likely possibility. Thankfully, with Invisalign, patients are able to straighten and enhance their smiles with a noninvasive and indeed invisible appliance that works quickly and effectively in straightening teeth.

The dangers of traditional braces in sports

Whether patients are partaking in track and field events, hockey, cricket, rugby, martial arts or even just the gym, the facts are that they are statistically more likely to suffer and oral injury than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and it is advised that people who take part in most of these activities wear oral protection when doing so. However, when braces are applied to the teeth it presents a number of sharp ends and wires that can injure the soft tissue in the mouth if knocked even gently.

For many adults, traditional braces present an aesthetic problem that may be considered a deal breaker when wanting to straighten their teeth. Those who partake in sporting activities in their leisure time are often in a professional environment during the day and cannot be seen to wear metal braces for 2 years.

A single solution

oral healthThere is an elegant solution to both these issues and it comes in the form of a clear aligner. This treatment takes far less time than traditional braces, is just about invisible, and is removable for full contact sporting activities that require a mouthguard.

At the first assessment of a patient’s smile, a 3D digital scan will be made of their teeth which involves no goo or molds, then while the patient watches the scan is uploaded onto a computer and a simulation of how their teeth will shift and change during treatment can be seen. This calculation will then be sent off to a lab where a set of custom clear aligners are made to be sent to the patient.

Once the patient receives their aligners they can start treatment immediately, each aligner will need to be changed every 1-2 weeks and this is easily done at home or work. Due to the aligners being removable, patients can eat and clean their teeth as per usual and are safe to pursue treatment even if they partake in sporting activities without the risk of injury due to treatment.

This treatment can straighten crooked or overcrowded teeth, fix gaps in a smile, and even correct issues with the bite called malocclusions, depending on each individual, treatment times may vary and can last anywhere from 4-9 months which is much shorter than the 2 years that traditional braces take. In very severe cases of malpositioned teeth, like a tooth that grows out of the pallet or is twisted, it may require those teeth first be moved with braces for a short while before clear aligners are applied for the rest of treatment but a dentist will be able to determine the right course of action.

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