brush filled with hair

Hair Care 101: The Answers to Hair Loss

Our hair is widely considered as our crowning glory. In fact, throughout human history, many cultures continued to have high regard for effective hair care as thick and luscious locks are associated with good health, youthfulness, and beauty. A particular example is the hair care regimen of the Yao ethnic group in Huangluo Village, Guangxi …

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Urgent care facility hallway

3 Cases that Require Treatment at an Urgent Care Facility

Early disease management plays a crucial role in decreasing the course of the illness and prognosis. Studies show that immediate diagnosis and treatment during the first three days of a disease can significantly lessen a patient’s symptoms. Therefore, healthcare practitioners strongly emphasize the importance of receiving walk-in urgent care near us in Eagle Mountain to …

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a woman having her teeth check by a dentist

Do You Need Insurance to Get Quality Dental Care?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 40 million citizens lack any form of dental insurance. Further data shows that insured patients are more likely to visit the dentist compared to the uninsured. It does not mean that uninsured people do not develop dental problems. They are simply forgoing important health checks …

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woman's feet with bunions

Sore Feet? You Might Have a Bunion

The foot is created in such a way that it can carry the body’s full weight while at the same time allowing a person to walk and be mobile comfortably. Every bone and muscle in the foot has its respective function and when something is amiss, you might have a hard time walking comfortably. Bunions …

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