guilty about overeating

Overeating: Ways to Combat It

Eating is one of the most sought-after things that everyone does every single day. It keeps you full, energized, and ready to start your day. If you do not eat, your body simply will not function well. You will feel walk, and you will not be able to anything.

If you have difficulty losing weight or preventing yourself from overeating, look for reputable weight loss and MD diet clinics in Salt Lake City, such as MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC. They will give you some advice about what MD diet is all about, how to lose weight, and how to prevent yourself from overeating. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the things and situations that can make you overeat and how you can avoid doing those things or being in those situations.

1. Food Choices at Social Events

Social events, such as birthdays, weddings, team buildings, and the likes, can make you overeat. One of the ways we bond with our friends is through food, so it is not surprising that social gatherings are one of the main causes of overeating.

One way to combat overeating at social gatherings is to grab a small plate and fill it with healthier food choices such as fruits and vegetables. You can still eat whatever you want, but make sure to make your portions small. Make sure to eat more fruits and vegetables than what you want to eat.

2. Not Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are often packed with lots of water, which means that they can make you feel full without you having to pile up the calories. Get your daily dose of fruits, such as watermelon, melon, apples, pears, mangoes, and oranges, to make sure that you will get your daily dose of water and fiber. Eating fruits and vegetables many times a day can prevent you from eating those types of food that offer no nutrients. Choose fruits for your snacks instead of ice cream, cake, and other types of sweet food.

3. Skipping Your Meals

a woman overeating

Skipping your meals and letting yourself go extremely hungry can make you binge on food later on. Make sure to eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and during breakfast is the time to eat a lot. If you a lot at breakfast, you will not feel that hungry at lunchtime.

Do not skip your snacks as well. However, you should avoid eating what you really like. Desserts and other types of sweet food will not make you feel full. If you feel hungry, then go ahead and munch on healthier types of food. You can choose fruits, vegetables, nuts such as almonds and walnuts, whole grain food, and plain yogurt.

Knowing what to eat and when to eat it is a great way to lose the extra weight and keep it off. Avoid crash diets at all costs, as they can only make you binge on anything you want to eat right after. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

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woman wirth plump, full breast

Breast Augmentation 101: What Your Surgeon Needs You to Know

Breast sagging from weight loss, pregnancy, or imbalanced breast to hip ratio can make a woman very uncomfortable. That is especially so for women who are very conscious of how they look or those in the public limelight. It is on these premises that having breast lifts and augmentation is a necessity rather than a choice. Statistics already show implants-based enhancements to be the most popular of cosmetic surgeries.

Types of Breast Implants

You can choose from the two basic types of breast implants available depending on your preference or intention. Age can also determine the choice that you would have to make. These types are:

Saline – The implants are kinds of shells usually filled with a saline material. Any adult beyond the age of 18 can enjoy the saline breast implants. The only exception is if you have a medical condition that does not allow you to have the surgery.

silicone for breast augmentation

Silicon – The silicone implants contain a type of gel in place of saline. These are best if you are looking to have a natural look and feel. It is the most preferred choice for thin women. This type of implant is however not advisable for anyone under 22 to take.

Other Requirements

Other general requirements for those undergoing breast enhancement surgery include the following. You must not be expecting a child or lactating, and you must be generally healthy, and your weight should not be unstable. Also, you should be off smoking for some time before the surgery. It is advisable that set achievable expectations so that your doctor defines possible outcomes from that. Your plastic surgeon in Utah will then recommend operating under either general or partial anesthesia. The surgeon should explain to you how each of them will affect you. S/He will, as well, as guide you through any issues that might affect your results. Possible side effects may include pain, scarring, and infection. In some cases, there are high chances for the implants to leak and you not to get your expected results.

Preparing for the Breast Surgery

When you are sure of what to expect, your surgeon will require you to adhere to the several requirements. Some of these include: Keeping off smoking for some days before the breast surgery and dressing warmly but comfortably. You also should avoid taking alcoholic drinks or food for a day before the operation. It is advisable, too, that you have someone by your side to take you home after the surgery.

The Recovery Time Varies

woman with a wrapped breast

After a successful surgery, the recovery time will vary depending on various factors. Generally, it takes between a month or two for total recovery to take place, though one might feel mostly fine even after a week of surgery. It is, however, essential to keep off strenuous activities until full recovery.

Conclusion: Want a Successful Surgery? Choose Your Surgeon Right

There is no standard cost set out for this procedure, but there is not an amount too big when it comes to feeling good about yourself. Your choice of a plastic surgeon in Utah will determine how much you will pay, how well will be the procedure. Making an informed choice will most likely guarantee you your expected results.

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a senior woman

Characteristics of a Great Mobile Scooter

Mobility and the ease with which we utilize it is something that we easily take for granted—until it’s taken away. Whether by accident or as a function of advancing years, losing one’s mobility can be painful.

If the uptick in mobility scooter accessories in the market is any indication, however, then there is a solution — owning a scooter. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose the best one for you. Here are the things that you need to consider in order to choose one that is perfect for you.


There are actually several types of mobility scooters available their drive trains can differentiate that. Front wheel scooters have much lower power output. This makes them suitable for indoor use, and these models are highly maneuverable.

Rear wheel scooters are the exact opposite. They are more powerful and are great for outdoor use. They aren’t as maneuverable and are larger in the build by necessity, however. When choosing your type of scooter, you need to consider where you will most likely use it.


Apart from the type, another factor that should go into your consideration is the build quality of the mobility scooter. This is usually delineated between the indoor and outdoor variants. Indoor scooters are designed to be lighter and more mobile.

This comes at the cost of some durability, but it makes the indoor types far more maneuverable. Because they tend to be exposed to the elements, the outdoor versions are heavier set and more rugged — capable of handling tougher terrain and driving conditions.


A number of sources powers modern mobility scooters. There are the same alkaline variety that mirrors those that you find in automobiles. These are maximized for optimal power output, but the fuel they use can get costly. Electric scooters tend toward lithium batteries.

While their output isn’t as strong as a regular battery, they are easier to charge and maintain and are a far more affordable option to go for. You need to check the mAh rating of the battery to ensure that you’re getting the most band for your buck.


It also helps to have a scooter capable of having necessary accessories installed. These include oxygen tank carriers, crutch holsters, and even baskets for general storage of items.

These are especially critical if you need those things — or if you have conditions that predispose you for those needs. If you have an outdoor type of scooter, you also might want to check if it’s capable of housing lights and horns for safety on the road.


Mobile Scooter

Finally, you also want to be sure that the scooter that you choose is, in fact, comfortable to spend a great deal of time on. After all, you’re going to be using it for long periods. Check the cushion for feel and opt for memory foam when possible.

While losing your mobility can be restrictive, you’re not entirely out of options. A mobile scooter perfectly suited to your needs can help restore as much mobility as needed to be comfortable. Consider these things to ensure that you’re choosing the best one for you.

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suffering from asthma

How Modern Medication Helps to Control Asthma

Asthma has a shared history with human beings, with references to as far back as 2600 BC in China. The word “asthma” itself comes from the Greek word “aazein”, which means panting or sharp breathing. Though the ancients themselves tried to find a cure to this respiratory problem, from religious sacrifices to the gods to steam baths, they could only ease the symptoms and did not alleviate the patient’s shortness of breath.

These days, modern medication has improved our understanding of asthma and the way it affects the lungs, but we still do not know what triggers an attack and what causes it in the first place. But the good news is there are now numerous types of medications that can alleviate the symptoms of asthma and provide instant and long-term relief.

Instant relief from breathlessness

Asthma symptoms are caused by airway irritation. Asthma is quite common, the quick-relief medication of choice is bronchodilators. This group may be short acting or long acting. The most widely used drugs to relax airway muscles are beta2 agonists, anticholinergics, and theophylline. The hand-held inhaler is a type of beta2 agonist, which provides instant relief for sudden attacks of dyspnea or shortness of breath. The direct action of the compounds delivered by the inhaler is relaxation or dilation of the airways. Widened airways allow more air to pass. If you need a bronchodilator, you can buy over the counter brands that are effective too, such as those from Dr Natural Healing.

Bronchodilators are good at providing instant and quick resolution. Nevertheless, it does not reverse or correct the inflammation. That aspect of the illness can only be addressed by anti-inflammatory medication.

Long-term control for asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition, which necessitates daily intake of maintenance medication. Long-term control of the symptoms may be achieved with inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers and long-acting beta agonists (LABAs). Corticosteroids effectively keep asthma symptoms in check, but the risks must be understood, as well as side effects such as throat and mouth irritation. Leukotriene modifiers deal with agents of the immune system that give rise to asthma symptoms. The long-term effect of the beta agonist bronchodilators lasts for 12 hours, and they reduce airway swelling as well. Some doctors prescribe combination inhalers for persons who need continuous asthma control. using an inhaler If you have a family history of asthma, it is likely that you might develop the disease. If you have allergies, you might also develop asthma. Gender also matters; in childhood, more boys than girls suffer from asthma, but more women than men develop it later in life. Your environment could also increase your risk, as smoking, noxious fumes, and even house dust could cause coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

If you think you are at risk and experience some of the symptoms, you should discuss it with your doctor so that they could recommend the proper medication. The safety of inhaled, oral, and injected drugs for asthma is uncontested. You are protected and should feel safe to follow the specific regimen prescribed by your doctor, so you could still live an active life.

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Child with dental caries

Various Factors Surrounding Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Also referred to as childhood dental caries, baby bottle tooth decay is a common occurrence among children who are under five years, and it can be avoided through parent awareness and preventive measures.

If your baby is showing symptoms of tooth decay, your pediatric dentist in Saratoga Springs dental clinic can help you treat these symptoms thus protect your child’s teeth. The type of treatment administered is dependent on the extent of damage by the tooth decay.

Similar to any other health issues, the sooner you address the problem, the less invasive the treatment will be.

Treatment for Non-Severe Childhood Dental Caries

The treatment plan majorly depends on the severity of the decay and the age of your child. The first stage is characterized by white spots on the surface of the tooth. At this point, simple fluoride treatment or placement of fluoride varnish on top of the tooth is sufficient to re-mineralize the entire teeth set.

This treatment option reverses the decay process through the rebuilding of the tooth surface enamel. In other situations, your pediatric dentist might recommend fluoride supplements to keep the enamel strong.

At this point, there are dietary changes that you can make to stop the decay from progressing. These include limiting intake of acidic foods, limiting intake of juices more so citrus juices, and increasing milk and water intake to substitute juices.

Treatment for Severe Childhood Dental Caries

Little boy having his dental checkupUnfortunately, if you notice your baby’s tooth decay at a later stage, fluoride treatments will not be sufficient. Advanced decay is characterized by swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath, black or brown spots on baby teeth, irritability, fever, and swelling, which is a sign of an infection.

Your dentist might recommend stainless steel crown treatment since it is easy, durable, and does not require frequent follow-ups or replacement. In other situations, your dentist might recommend tooth extraction. However, this is only done if the tooth is damaged to the extent that it cannot be restored.

Why It Is Essential to Treat Baby Bottle Teeth

Most people have a misconception that there is no problem if your baby losses their teeth prematurely since they are not permanent after all. However, what you do not know is that your child’s permanent teeth are there in your baby’s jawbone from a young age.

The baby teeth are meant to hold space for the permanent teeth and as such, if they are prematurely lost the spacing of the permanent teeth is distorted. This among other issues might call for more complex orthodontic treatment procedures in the future.

Infant tooth loss makes it difficult for your child to feed thus might lead to lack of essential nutrition for proper growth. Additionally, the front teeth are essential for proper diction and speech of your child, thus; their loss could mean future speech therapy.

Therefore, introduce good hygiene habits to your child from when they are infants through their childhood. This ensures that they carry them through to adulthood to maintain healthy smiles.

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applying a hearing aid

An Overview of Hearing Problems and Possible Remedies

ENT stands for the ear, nose, and throat. ENT specialists treat disorders associated with the head and neck region, which includes the voice box, ear sinuses, and eyes to name a few. When you experience unusual dizziness, ear pain, voice imbalance, and sight problems, it might be a time to visit an ENT specialist.

A Look at Hearing Tests

Hearing tests involve any measures taken to determine the state of your hearing. Hearing tests are conducted when a patient experiences pain around the ear region or has difficulty in hearing. A patient can visit licensed ENT specialists in Colorado to seek professional intervention. At the clinic, you will be subjected to several tests in a bid to establish the extent of your condition. The main aim of the analysis is to get crucial information for your treatment process.

Detecting Changes in Your Hearing Ability

When your hearing capability declines, you will subconsciously speak in a higher tone as opposed to previous times. It can be as a subconscious way of compelling those around you to raise their voices, too. At that point, your friends, who are regularly with you, might notice a change in your vocal tone. However, they might fail to see the difference. That is especially true for very talkative people.

Sensory Problems Related to Hearing

Often, hearing problems arise from failing hearing sensors.  You might find that you are hearing noises that no one else is hearing. The noise can be anything but a hearing difficulty. It is an early sign of tinnitus. The problem can also be due to neurological issues or the accumulation of wax in your ears. That can explain why doctors emphasize the need for people to maintain proper hygiene levels. You should clean your ears regularly, but do not do it too often. Otherwise, you might suffer from impacted earwax. If your hearing problem persists, your ENT specialist will advise you to use hearing aids, which can be customized to your needs.

Tele-coil Hearing Aids

a hearing test

This is a gadget that helps you hear clearly in places where there are background noises. The device is operated by tuning it to the most favorable frequency. Telecoils are mostly found in bank stores and social halls. Only a doctor can prescribe the telecoil. They will advise an audiologist on the most probable configuration to suit your current hearing difficulty. Otherwise, you risk deteriorating the current state of your ears if you decide to get the device without professional advice.

The Use of Microphones

Microphones are used to collect sound. Different types of receivers can be prescribed for different hearing conditions. A common type of microphones is the omnidirectional microphone, which picks sound within a 180-degree angle around your ears. That means two microphones are required to cover the entire 360 degrees of sound around you.

In the end, whenever you notice any change in your hearing, it is advisable to visit your ENT specialist as soon as possible. By doing so, you can prevent the condition from getting worse.

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When Is Hospice Home Care the Best Option?

One of the hardest decisions a family would have to make is taking a loved one to a hospice home for better medical care and treatment. Specialized facilities have been set up to ensure that terminally ill patients continue to receive expert care.

For those who cannot afford live-in medical care, they opt to check into hospice homes in Indiana instead. This way, families are assured that their loved one is in a safe and comfortable environment where they get proper medical attention for their condition.

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a concept of providing a good quality of life, care and comfort to patients who are at the end stages of their lives. Family members are prepared emotionally and psychologically for the eventuality of death. However, they feel better knowing that hospice provides care, comfort and assistance to their loved ones at the stage where medicine can no longer cure them. Hospice care is anchored on the belief that with appropriate care, and sensitive and supportive community, terminally ill patients can start preparing for the inevitable future.

Hospice, also known as palliative care, is a type of medical attention that uses aggressive treatment to physical and emotional symptoms. It is not just for the elderly and cancer patients; it covers all patients who can no longer take care of themselves. It centers on creating a comfortable and improved quality of life for everyone involved.

In some cases, acceptable hospice care programs can be done right at the patient’s home. With this option, the quality of life and dignity of the patient is given utmost importance. Here, the family is broadly involved in caring for the patient. Patients usually enter a hospice program if death is expected in six months or less.

Choosing a Primary Caregiver

caregiver checking on a woman

Physical pain from terminal illnesses can be frightening, debilitating and sometimes, dehumanizing. If not properly trained, a family member may face difficulties dealing with the patient in his or her moments of pain. This is when the family needs to decide who the primary care provider will be.

A hospice care program will set up medical equipment needed by the patient and train the caregiver to administer the prescribed medication. In case the family requires a skilled nurse, hospice care providers may also extend professional nursing services.

Hospice care providers also lend social, psychological, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and the rest of the family. They may offer much-needed time-off for the primary caregiver, provide nutritional, pastoral or grief counseling, personal care as well as legal and funeral arrangements if needed.

Why go through all of these? Studies have shown that patients receiving proper hospice care were happier and showed more satisfaction than those receiving traditional care. Patients and families also experienced less anxiety and depression throughout the palliative care process. Before deciding if hospice home care is the best for your loved ones, consider the patient’s wishes and involve family members in the decision making so everyone understands the setup.

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Person with crooked teeth

Correcting Crooked Teeth? Here Are Your Options for Orthodontic Appliances

Let’s get something straight. Braces aren’t the prettiest things a person can wear to correct crooked teeth. However, plaque buildup, impacted food, gum disease, and an awkward facial bone structure are the flipside effects of letting crooked teeth stay that way.

Besides, misaligned teeth are not the only signs you need braces, according to a Taylorsville-based orthodontics clinic, Redwood Orthodontics. These signs include teeth crowding and overbite. If you have these teeth conditions, plan as early as possible to wear dental devices.

Orthodontic appliances like braces are common in the U.S.; in fact, they have become some sort of rite of passage among adolescents and teens. But these devices are not exclusive to young people. More than 25 percent of Americans wearing braces are adults, which proves that it’s never too late to straighten your teeth.

So if you want to achieve dental perfection and have a good bite, here are different orthodontic devices you can use, other than the traditional metal braces:

Invisalign Aligners

For those who want to smile without metal showing, Invisalign aligners are the way to go. These devices are a customized series of plastic aligners that move the teeth gradually to the ideal position.

Apart from being discreet, Invisalign aligners have other benefits. For instance, you are only required to wear them for at least 20 hours a day. You may remove the aligners when you’re engaging in physical activities, brushing your teeth, or eating. You don’t have to deal with food that might get stuck in metal wires or brackets – which is the case with conventional braces.

Self-Ligating Braces

Steel dental brackets close upAt first glance, self-ligating braces look like regular ones. What sets ligating braces apart is that they don’t require elastic or rubber bands or metal ties. In place of these two, special clips are used to help the archwire move your teeth into the ideal position. Self-ligating braces are also more comfortable than traditional braces because the special clips don’t restrict teeth movement. Braces with ligature bring less pressure and friction on your teeth.

The downside of this type of braces is you cannot remove them for the duration of the treatment because orthodontists attach them to your teeth with a special adhesive.

Lingual Braces

Sometimes called incognito braces, lingual braces are like traditional ones. The difference is that orthodontists attach them at the back of the teeth. Doing so makes them virtually invisible – an attractive choice for adults who don’t want these appliances to be conspicuous.

Not everyone is eligible to wear lingual braces, however. For one, the patient’s teeth have to be long enough to provide room for attachment. Colgate also states that lingual braces are not ideal for those with excessive overbite because the bite might put too much pressure on the brackets and cause them to fall off easily.

Like other appliances, lingual braces come with a couple of disadvantages. First is the discomfort when your tongue thrusts the brackets. Another is that cleaning will be a little more difficult as you can’t completely see areas that need brushing.

These three are the most popular options for orthodontic treatment next to traditional braces. So, when you’re correcting crooked teeth, which one should you choose? It depends on your case and what your dentist or orthodontist suggests. There are also other factors to consider, such as the price. Lingual braces are generally more expensive than the other options.

Just like any health-related decision you make, when choosing the kind of braces you need, it’s important to give it a careful thought – you don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars for the wrong solution.

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speculum in hand of doctor

Different Kinds of Speculums

The body has many hollow organs. These are the parts comprised of cavities, pouches or tubes. They can be within other parts of the body, or they can be less accessible or prominent, so assessing their condition can be tricky. To help doctors, they often use tools such as speculums. In general, these devices can feature various shapes depending on their intended use. Some might have a hinge, which allows the instrument to be flexible.

When closed, the speculums are easier to insert into narrow cavities such as the cervix. Then, the doctors can open them to allow a clearer inspection of the area. Speculums, though, can still vary in many ways:

Disposable versus Reusable Speculums

During the early days of the speculums, most of them had metal parts. To be specific, they used stainless steel. Considering where these devices went, healthcare facilities had to sterilise them after every use. Because of these, metal speculums also became reusable instruments.

Over the last few years, a disposable speculum became more popular. Instead of metal, manufacturers now use plastic, mainly acrylic. This then makes the device single-use.

Many factors can affect the choice of both the doctors and the patients. Take, for example, comfort. In reality, there’s no clear empirical data that cites how one is better than the other when it comes to comfort. Anecdotes, however, revealed that patients might opt for the disposable option. Plastic tends to slide better and might need very little to no lubrication. Metals also tend to feel cold.

disposable speculum

Healthcare facilities can also choose plastic over metal because of cost savings. Although they need to buy many of these, they might still save money as they no longer have to purchase more sanitising equipment. It also reduces the time the staff spends on routine tasks.

Using a disposable speculum can also prevent cross-contamination, which can potentially endanger the patient. On the other hand, the metal type can be more environment-friendly.

Sizes of Speculums

The speculums can also differ according to the size, patient, and the purpose. For example, the Cusco’s speculum is the most popular for gynecologic procedures. These include Pap smear, the introduction of the intrauterine device (IUD), or colposcopy (or the examination of the vulva, vagina, and cervix).

This speculum comes with two blades and is self-retaining. It means once the doctor introduces it into the cavity, it tends to stay in place. It can be 22 millimetres when expanded and 80 millimetres in length.

Doctors can examine the gynecological health of children, especially when their girls about to become teens. For these patients, though, they need to use the pediatric speculum, which is much shorter than Cusco’s speculum.

The speculum for the anus appears slightly different from the gynecological type. Although the former can still look like a duckbill, it also appears rounder.

The ear speculum doesn’t have a pair of duck-shaped parts. Instead, the tip looks like a funnel, so it fits snugly the very narrow ear canal. The otolaryngologist or general medical doctor can also use it alongside an otoscope. It illuminates the canal via its lenses.

These types only cover the basics. There are more to know, but if you’re someone training in the health field, this article comes in handy.

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a woman at the dentist

Aspects of Your Life that Need Improvement Now

Every year, thousands hope to improve their life through new year’s resolutions. They want to achieve a healthier weight, quit a bad habit, and save. While these certainly are good resolutions, you might be forgetting some aspects of your life that could offer long-term improvements if you just gave them the time of day. These are three aspects of your life that deserve attention too:

Dental Health

This is not a matter of simply brushing and flossing after every meal. If you do those and are shrugging this off because you think there’s nothing else to be done, think again. The state of your teeth is hard to hide from the person you are talking to. They may be misaligned, yellowed, or chipped, and as soon as you speak, people will notice. This means they can draw assumptions, and they may even react strongly especially if you have halitosis as well. Rather than suffer the embarrassment or feel forever inferior due to imperfect teeth, take a look at the dental care options available to you in Oviedo. You do not have to commit to anything right away, but talking with a dental practitioner is a good start to improving your oral hygiene.


You’re working against your success if you’re unaware of how you’re presenting yourself to the world in a time when anyone can be a critic. You may think you’re doing something right, but what everyone sees is a condescending, or perhaps even toxic, personality. One of the biggest plot twists for Tahani Al-Jamil, a character in “The Good Place,” was the revelation that despite helping raise billions for charitable organizations, she ended up in the bad place because of her insincere motives and desires. This year, take the time to look within and understand your own habits. Then, work on improving them so that you’re building a productive life and developing meaningful connections. This leads to a life of happiness and fulfillment.

a happy woman

Mental Health

It’s dangerous to keep ignoring your mental health. It may be scary to reach out and get help, especially when you think your existence is a burden, but you will miss out on a lot if you let your mental illness control your life. There have been so many lives lost due to mental illnesses already. Instead of being its victim, you can be an advocate for helping other people fight their hurdles. But first, you have to work on your own mental health struggles. It’s important to put yourself first and find ways to manage your triggers so that you can tell people things will get easier. Without dealing with your own struggles, anything you do to improve other aspects of your life might just end in failure, as you’re never really happy with what you’re doing. And if you fail, it might only worsen your mental health.

Anyone will agree that it’s not easy to change. If you start in aspects with far-reaching consequences, you’ll find that you can indeed improve your life greatly.

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