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FAQs about invisible aligners answered

You have probably heard about the ongoing trend in adult orthodontic care towards minimalism and discrete aligners. And if you have always wanted to correct a minor misalignment at the front of your smile, it may be time to consider asking your dentist about doing just that with a visually minimal tool. This is where …

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A doctor pointing at an impacted wisdom tooth via x-ray

The Dangers of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

• Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, swelling, and infection if not treated immediately.  • Bad breath, overcrowding of the mouth, and damage to other teeth may also occur due to impacted wisdom teeth.  • Immediate action is recommended if there are signs of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent further issues.  • Speak to …

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Living with Diabetes: Leading a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

• Diabetes affects more than 37 million Americans • Leading an active lifestyle with diabetes is possible with a doctor’s guidance • Low-impact exercises and HIIT are beneficial for keeping insulin levels in check • Aerobic and strength training exercises can help improve glucose control • Participating in patient-centric studies can provide valuable insight into …

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How To Achieve Quality Sleep Every Night

It is clear that sleep plays an essential role in your overall physical health. Getting enough rest helps you to stay alert, improves cognitive performance, and supports a healthy immune system. But its importance doesn’t end there. Sleep is also essential for your mental health. It assists with emotional regulation, allows for the reorganization of …

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woman having pain on her teeth

The influence of tooth loss on quality of life

The most obvious effects of tooth loss are the challenges associated with eating and speaking, but researchers are steadily stacking up the evidence of poor dental health affecting other areas of life, including physical health and the ability to perform common daily tasks. There is much weight behind dental professionals urging children and adults to …

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How to fix teeth that are not straight

Many people do not have perfectly straight teeth, and this can have an impact on their confidence and health. Teeth that are crooked or that protrude can cause a person to feel nervous about talking to others and even smiling. Covering the mouth is common in these circumstances, as is a general feeling of self-consciousness …

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dentist on operation

What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Most people know what it means if they wake up at 2:00 AM and they have a throbbing sensation underneath one of their teeth. This means that in the next 24 hours you will likely have to pay an emergency visit to your nearest dental team! You will undoubtedly be a bit worried or even …

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