Porcelain veneers

If you are interested in improving the aesthetics of your smile, then you may have heard that porcelain veneers Liverpool can be a good option in order to achieve this goal. Of course, it is very likely that porcelain veneers are not the only option you have in pursuing a wider smile. Most dentists have …

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How to straighten your teeth with Invisalign Ryde?

If you have been thinking about improving the appearance of your teeth then it is more than likely that you have heard of Invisalign Ryde. Over the last 25 years, Invisalign Ryde has become one of the most popular methods of teeth straightening. During this time, it has helped correct more than 14 million smiles …

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A doctor pointing at an impacted wisdom tooth via x-ray

Restoring smiles and confidence with Invisalign

For many the expression of joy by smiling is not something that they are comfortable with, not because they don’t want to smile, but because they are too self-conscious to do so. Malocclusion manifests itself in a variety of different ways. Crooked or crowded teeth and overbites and underbites are a few conditions which can …

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girls excercising

How Oral Health Impacts Physical Fitness

• Good oral hygiene helps maintain overall health and prevent systemic diseases. • Poor oral hygiene weakens the immune system and can cause muscle and joint pain, making exercise difficult. • Exercise helps regulate blood sugar levels, lowers stress, and increases circulation to the gums for better nutrient access. • Developing good habits such as …

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athlete drinking liquid under the sun

How to Care for Your Skin as an Athlete

For athletes, taking care of their bodies is a top priority. You want to stay healthy and perform at your best, and that includes taking care of your skin. Maintaining a skincare routine that keeps you looking and feeling good on the field and off is vital. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy skin …

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Tooth loss is more of a big deal than at first assumed

Is having natural perfect teeth for life possible or is it par for the course that you will lose your teeth in old age? According to the Oral Health Foundation, keeping your natural teeth for life is possible provided that you are proactive regarding your dental health and follow recommended dentist-approved guidelines to care for …

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gummy bear

Top food no-no’s for your teeth

The teeth have a set of needs to keep them healthy. And they rarely like the foods and drinks that most people are tempted by. Like sugary ones. But how does sugar cause damage to the teeth and how can this be offset? We found out from a dentist Richmond. The outermost layer of the …

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