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Nursing Homes and Assisted Living: Understanding Their Differences and Similarities

Senior care can be a sensitive subject, especially for families who share close relationships with their senior loved ones. Since seniors need more care and love than most people, the thought of putting them under the care of other people won’t be easy to swallow. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of caretakers abusing their senior patients or being neglectful, which is why placing your senior loved one under the care of a nursing home or assisted living center may ease your fears.

However, you might wonder what’s the difference between a nursing home or a senior assisted living? Are these two terms the same because they’re used interchangeably? Or are they different?

If you have the same questions in mind, here are the differences and similarities to help you decide which option suits your situation.

The Differences

Independent vs. Dependent

The major difference between nursing homes and assisted living centers depends on the ability of your senior loved one to fend off for themselves. Ask yourself or the senior citizen if he or she wants some privacy or would prefer a nurse to be at their side majority of the time?

Assisted living provides more room for seniors to breathe. Meaning, in assisted living centers, people are usually given their own place. They’re also given the freedom to choose how they spend their time. They may ask for help when they need it, so usually, assisted living centers are for those senior folk who are still able-bodied.

Nursing homes are usually for those who are ill or need to be bedridden. This can be especially helpful for those who need help with doing everything they need to do, from eating, bathing, or getting up.

Community and Activities

Another difference between nursing homes and assisted living centers are the facilities and services they offer. If your senior loved one is looking for a place where they can be taken care of while still having freedom and not have someone doting over them 24/7, then they might be more comfortable with an assisted living center. Assisted living centers often offer community activities like yoga, or even have events for residents to socialize.

Nursing homes are more specialized that their primary goal is to provide medical care while making things as comfortable as they can be for their patient.

The Similarities


If your reason for transferring a senior loved one to a nursing home, or an assisted living center is to provide them with better care and facilities, then you’re going in the right direction. Although it may seem like the wrong decision to put a loved one under the care of someone else, it may be better since it’ll be their job to provide the proper care for the elderly person.

Cleanliness and safety are one of the main priorities of nursing homes and assisted living centers. Expect round-the-clock cleaning and maintenance of the place and making sure your senior loved one is hygienic at all times.

Family Visits

Nursing home

The biggest perk of both assisted living centers is that both you and your family won’t have to deal with so much separation anxiety knowing you can visit them during specific times. Although visiting times vary, they typically allow families to see the senior member regularly.

If you’re deciding whether to put your senior loved one in an assisted living center or a nursing home, it’s best to assess whether they have special needs. But either way, they’ll be in good hands.

women shopping for clothes

Affordable Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

Do you feel like the contents of your closet don’t really belong in the modern era, and would be better off in a museum? Are you looking for new ways to spice up your everyday look, but you’re not really eager to spend a lot on new clothes, shoes, or accessories? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and you feel like you’re staring back at someone who lived more than a decade ago? If these questions resonate with you, perhaps it’s time for you to update your wardrobe. And, don’t worry, there are ways to do this affordably.

Fast Fashion Finds

If you want an affordable way to update your wardrobe, your best bet is to check out fast fashion retailers. You’d easily recognize them in major cities: just look for stores with multiple floors full of clothes, footwear, and accessories, all sold at a discounted rate. This trend started as a way to offer the designs you usually in fashion shows quickly and affordably to mainstream consumers. It’s easy to pick up pieces at less than $50, and some are even offered at a markdown when newer styles and designs become available. What makes them affordable is the low cost of production, usually outsourced in another country, plus the use of cheaper materials. Stick to basics, though, that you can mix and match.  Save up for some classic, good pieces that will go the distance. Remember, a few fast fashion items are useful for updating your look—but you’ll end up spending more in the long run, as this type of clothing does not last; moreover, fast fashion leaves a huge environmental impact.

Keep It Simple

If you’re working for five days a week and your only time to go out of the house aside from work is during the weekends, then spending too much on fashion trends could be wasteful. Still, if you’re keen on updating your wardrobe with the latest apparel, it’s best to go with something simple, something that you can use on multiple occasions. It’s all up to you if you want something branded and a bit expensive, as long as you’ll find time to use it. Shirts and jeans are a classic pairing, and it’s almost impossible for them to be out of style. If you find a trend ridiculous, it’s likely that you’ll only wear it a couple of times. Don’t be pressured by social media to keep up with these trends. Buy what you’ll wear.

Check Out Local Boutiques

If you’re shopping for clothes, your tendency is to go and check out malls for their newest offerings. You’ll probably fall for what’s in season, and you’ll end up wearing it for just a couple of months because of their seasonal appeal. You’ll try to store them, but surely after a year, you won’t even remember that those items are buried underneath you pile of unused clothes. It’s great if you could also check out online and local boutiques, whether you live in Phoenix, AZ or in Pittsburgh, PA and see if any of their offerings suit your taste. These can be a bit more expensive than your typical fast fashion find, but they have better quality overall, and will last longer than the affordable apparel you get from malls.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends, especially if your budget is tight. Fortunately, the tips mentioned above can help you discover clothes, footwear, and even accessories that are not only stylish, but also cost effective.

wedding proposal

Wedding Bells are Ringing: How to Surprise your Future Fiancee with the Perfect Proposal

A lot of things come into play once you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship. When planning a marriage proposal, you need to consider the location, how you’re gonna do it (will it be during dinner, or after?), some traditional families appreciate being given a heads up, and of course the biggest consideration of all: the engagement ring. Will you choose a white gold solitaire with a 24-carat diamond in the middle? Or go for a yellow gold micro pave wedding band? Here are some tips on how to plan for your proposal and execute it flawlessly.

The Perfect Venue

It cannot be stressed enough how the location sets the mood for the entire surprise. It could be the place where you first met (it’s a cliche, but works wonders every time), where you first became partners officially, or a place that just screams marriage proposal (if you don’t mind being too obvious). Pick a place where you can have a certain amount of privacy and is intimate enough for you to say everything you need to say and finally get down on one knee.

Nothing ruins a proposal when there’s too much noise and both of you get distracted. A total mood-killer. If you choose a restaurant, make sure to choose a table that’s away from people, or better yet, book a small function room for extra privacy. Beachside proposals are also quite trendy, not to mention, very photogenic sceneries.

Make Sure to Document It

If you’re planning a big surprise, it’s better to set up how you plan to document it—whether it’s just still photos, or if you want it on video. If you’re planning to involve your future bride’s family, it would be amazing to have them stand by when you’re about to pop the question. Different angles would capture the special moment in various perspectives, which would be great to watch after she (hopefully) says yes!

Other proposers prop their phone or camera on a tripod if they’re working solo. The bottom line is, it’s always best to get everything on camera so you can always remember (and replay) the special moment. This would also serve as an amazing wedding present during your big day—have the photos framed and send it over her hotel room as she’s getting ready. She’ll definitely love it.

Get the Ring Ready

wedding rings

Of course, the moment you’d been waiting for—getting down on one knee, opening up that box, and finally asking “will you marry me?”. The engagement ring is what ties everything together. Make sure to keep it safe at all times because a proposal is almost never complete without the ring. Prior to your proposal, try to find ways on how to get her finger size to avoid having to go back to the jewellers to have it resized. You’d want your fiance to wear that ring until your wedding day.


Before anything else, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and that you are 100% ready to take the leap. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you’d want your proposal to be just as memorable as your big day.


Navigating the Dating Field Above 40s

Do people who are well past their younger years still have a shot at love? What’s next after surviving a divorce or the death of a spouse? How can they navigate the dating field? The truth is that there are many advantages to dating later in life. If you are in this particular age group, here are some ways to make dating work great for you:

Be Open to Try New Things

The dating that you have known before may not be the same as now. Have someone who can be a great ally. An excellent matchmaker in Charlotte will not only find you a good match. These experts can coach you on how to present yourself and put your best foot forward.

Also, show your date that you are not afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Try some fun new date ideas. This will make you look younger than your age. Also, it will give you and your date many things to talk about.

Leave the Past Behind

Dating scenes had been silent witnesses to how people carry their baggage. People sometimes make their present dates as sounding boards about their horrible exes. Or they venerate their dead spouses to the point of sainthood. Do not fall prey to such behavior.

At this stage of your life, you have your fair share of relationships. But the point of you going out to date is to find love anew. Thus, treat it as a clean slate. To avoid bringing up the past, steer clear of date potentials that remind you of your ex.

Be Authentic

With age comes a certain level of maturity. When dating, do not play coy or indifferent. Come as you are. Lay all your cards on the table. Your date, who may be the same age as you, will appreciate this sincerity. The authentic version of you will attract the right kind of person. Do not be afraid of being vulnerable. This is part of the dating game.

Do Not Get Discouraged with Your Age


A small voice within you may tell you that this dating thing will not work. It will remind you of failed relationships. It may also set a discouraging note that it is too late to find love. Do not listen to it.

Do not focus on those aging lines and bigger bellies. Focus instead on the wealth of experiences and wisdom that you can bring in a relationship. Being in a relationship at this stage has a sense of stability that may be lacking with younger people.

Balance Fearlessness with Caution

You may be feeling a little daring by trying modern ways such as online dating or speed dating. This is fine if you are comfortable with it. But you have to keep in mind that not everybody is honest when using these dating styles.

If you want to widen your social circle, it is still best to be more involved in your community or to volunteer. Blind dates referred by good friends and matchmaking companies also yield better outcomes. Make a proactive approach to finding your right match.

It is never too late to find true love. Age should never be a hindrance for you to go out there and seize the chance.

runner in pain

Runner’s Bane — Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

A few years back, plantar fasciitis treatment used to be sought ought solely by hikers and climbers. However, lighter running shoes and the barefoot running phenomenon has made the condition quite well known in running circles. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful injuries you can get — and it could take years for you to fully recover.

Getting Injured

Most people realize they have plantar fasciitis when they take that first step out of bed and a stabbing sensation hits their heel. Shoes with insufficient protection, running barefoot, sprinting uphill, running more than you’re used to, and even weight training can increase your chances of injuring the ligaments in your foot. Plantar fasciitis accounts for close to 10 percent of all running injuries. The first few weeks can be very uncomfortable, but you can still walk or even run if you can get through the pain. Healing from the condition can take weeks or years, depending on the severity of your injuries, and some runners are so dissuaded by the injury that they stop running altogether.


Anti-inflammatory medicine can tide you over the pain of your first day. Immediate treatment usually focuses on rest, calf stretches, massaging the heel and arch of the foot, and oral analgesics. If the pain remains unbearable, you might need to consult with a podiatrist. Your doctor can recommend taping your foot in a way to relieve stress from the injured ligaments. Specially-designed shoe inserts can also protect the arches of your feet, allowing you to move about while they heal. Your podiatrists can provide you with insoles or recommend over-the-counter insoles for you to purchase. Custom orthotics are a bit expensive and can take some time to produce. Over-the-counter insoles are less expensive and immediately available, but they might not be as effective. Serious runners will opt for custom orthotics to cut recovery time and ensure complete recovery. Your podiatrist might also recommend night splints to stretch out your arches during the night, reducing the pain of your first steps in the morning.


Female runner jogging, training on stadium

Running shoes with adequate cushioning and arch support can minimize your risk of getting injured. Barefoot or minimalist running might seem badass; however, running with little to no foot protection increases your chances of getting injured. Most barefoot runners compensate for their lack of shoes by landing on the balls of their feet which could put stress on the plantar fascia, especially during long or uphill runs. Take time to build up your body’s stamina. Running a half marathon on your first outing might be too big of a task, and it can put a ton of stress on your body. Extra weight can also increase the risk of injuring your foot as well as other parts of your body. If you are weight training or bodybuilding, avoid strenuous calf exercises that tighten your calf muscles.

Plantar fasciitis won’t put an end to your running days. It is easily treated and there are measures you can take to minimize your chances of getting the injury.

Asian beauty

How You Can Get That ‘Glowing’ Skin As Shared by Your Favorite KPOP Idols

The Korean Wave has definitely hit big over the recent years. From the global popularity of KPOP, K-Dramas, and Korean Food, it cannot be denied how much influence Koreans have had over the years. And one of the most notable trends from Korea is their skincare routine.

Apart from the global influence of KPOP through their unique music, sharp choreographies, and high-quality music videos, most people also recognize the stars’ creamy, porcelain, and clear skin. That left many people to wonder how these KPOP stars tend to take care of their skin.

Here are a few advice given by some of the biggest KPOP stars on how they manage to keep their skin clear and healthy. Don’t forget to consult each one with your Murray dermatologist.

Stay Hydrated – Drink Lots of Water!

This is one of the most common pieces of advice given by KPOP stars (or by any other person who has clear skin). Especially with their hectic schedules, and having to travel a lot, sometimes they do tend to overlook their routine.

When asked about if there were any secrets or special thing that he does while he’s on the plane, BTS’ Jimin said that he only drinks water. “There really isn’t anything special that I do for my skin while we’re on the plane, but since we travel a lot, I just try to drink as much water as possible.”

The ‘Double Cleansing’ Method (also known as the ‘424’ process) – as popularized by Bae Suzy

One of the most beautiful Korean actresses out there, Bae Suzy revealed that one of the key secrets to her glowing skin is a process that she likes to call, the “424” process. This routine contains removing make-up for four minutes using cleansing oil and then followed by a two-minute application of foaming cleanser.

And then another four minutes of cleansing washing everything off with water. Doing it every day would have phenomenal results.

Wash Your Hands Before Applying Products

woman with healthy skin

Daesung, one of the members of legendary KPOP group BigBang, is not only known for his contributions as a vocalist to the group but also his cleansing technique. Even the group’s leader, G-Dragon, admitted to following Daesung’s technique.

The lead vocalist says he makes sure he washes and scrubs his hands first before touching his face. He also went against spraying the shower directly on your face and instead go easy with the water.

Visiting a Skin Care Clinic

Girls’ Generation member and leader, Kim Taeyeon, is not only known for her amazing vocals but also her porcelain, clear skin. Though Taeyeon has previously said that her pale and creamy skin came from her parents and is mostly a biological accident, the star still had something to share if there were anything special that she does for her skin.

The Kpop Star admitted that she does occasionally visit a dermatologist for checkups for her skin when asked on an Instagram Live by a fan. Taeyeon has even shared a couple of her trips to a skin clinic and shared how much she enjoyed going there.

These are some of the most notable tips that you could follow if you wish to have that glowing skin like your KPOP idols have. It is a bit of a challenge and time, but with the right dedication, when done routinely, it will all be worth it!

Buying Office Furniture

Factors to Consider Before Buying Office Furniture

An average office employee works about 8 to 12 hours in his or her respective work desk. In such cases, it is vital that the person feels comfortable when working. Choosing the right office furniture in Salt Lake City is crucial because an employee will be more comfortable doing his or her office-related work every day. Do you know that office furniture can affect one’s productivity and have an impact on a company’s profitability?

What to consider when buying office furniture

Buying office furniture is no easy task, and so is finding a reliable office furniture supplier. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing furniture. It’s not only about finding eye-catching, modern-looking office furniture unless this is part of your business objectives. Otherwise, here are some critical factors you need to think about buying furniture:

1. Comfort

This is perhaps the most important when choosing furniture. It will affect one’s productivity and work attitude, depending on how comfortable the employee is when doing his or her job. Also, the office furniture you choose should be made from quality materials.

2. Budget

Before buying anything, you need to consider your budget as well. Do your research first when choosing furniture and make sure it suits your budget and preference.

3. Office size

You need to choose furniture that will fit into your office. You won’t select bulky furniture for your small studio-type office. You also have to consider whether there are specifications you need when buying furniture, depending on the type of business you have.

4. Office design

When buying furniture, you also have to keep your office interiors and layout. This is to ensure that the furniture will blend well with your office’s overall aesthetics. More things that you should choose carefully are the curtains/partitions, wall décor, and plants. More importantly, your chosen furniture should comply with your business objectives.

Finding the right furniture supplier

Office furniture should be more than just a decoration in the office. It should also serve its business objectives and help improve employees’ productivity levels. Here are some pointers for choosing the right furniture supplier:

1. Look at the long term

When buying stuff for yourself, you want to choose one that you can use for a long time. This also applies when buying furniture. You need to look at the long term when it comes to buying office furniture and ensure a company’s profitability.

2. Take note of what you need before buying

Aside from furniture, you need to consider other equipment and décor for your office. You can also ask employees what they need that will help improve their productivity levels.

3. Decide whether to buy a brand-new or refurbished one

refurbished office

If you have enough budget to buy brand-new furniture, make sure to buy them from a reputable furniture shop. Otherwise, you can also choose refurbished but quality furniture at a more affordable price. Some even offer a warranty, so make sure to avail it and make the most out of your office investment.

kid smiling

Baby Teeth: Helping Kids Deal With Losing Them

In elementary schools all over the country, children are going through what seems like a cute and minute phase in our adult eyes, but what is a scary experience to their very young minds. They are losing their baby teeth. Children typically start losing their baby teeth at the age of six, and this would last up to the time they are ten to twelve years old. For young primary school kids, however, this is a big event. That will make going to the pediatric dentist in Riverton or other areas quite a challenge for them and their parents, who must be firm and consistent about regular dental check-ups.

How do you ease the fears of a child going through this messy, slightly inconvenient, and sometimes disgusting phase in life? Here’s what to do and what not to do.


  1. Gather picture books and episodes of children’s shows that deal with characters losing their baby teeth. Doing this will give your child a confidence boost. They will know that every child will go through what they are experiencing and that they aren’t alone. They will understand how and why it happens.
  2. Reward them with little things every time a loose tooth falls off. Encourage them to express their natural reactions by crying and talking about it (but no tantrums!). Afterward, give them ice cream, a lollipop, or a small toy for being able to handle the situation well.
  3. Encourage them to take good care of their teeth. Remind them to brush their teeth every morning and night. Avoid giving them too many sweets. Talk to them about the adverse effects of sweets on their dental health and why they should only be eaten during special occasions. Teach them how to floss.


kid and dentist

  1. Even if your child insists on doing it, or even if you have gone through it yourself, it is advisable not to forcibly pull out a tooth without the guidance of a pediatric dentist. Not only will it hurt the child, but you might end up infecting an open wound.
  2. If your child feels insecure about the gaps in their teeth, you shouldn’t tease them about it. They will need some time to get used to these gaps. Do not make fun of them and blame them for being sensitive, especially when they have made it clear that it is not a joke to them. Gaslighting is a no-no under any circumstance.
  3. Don’t accept loose or falling teeth as excuses for poor behavior and laziness. Do not give in to tantrums. Remind your kids that their wounds will naturally heal and that they can continue to study as they should and play as they please.

As adults and parents, we may have long forgotten the real terror of losing a baby tooth. Yes, it might trigger some funny memories that we look upon with endearment. But if we are to help our children experience the same when they grow up, instead of attaching the experience to something harmful or hurtful, we must consider their feelings. They are not too young to be respected and understood.

How (And Why) Dealing with Stress Can Benefit Your Body

If you’ve gone through life without dealing with an ounce of stress, allow us to both congratulate you and ask for tips. Because for everyone else, stress is just something that we all have to face. It doesn’t matter where it comes from or how much of it is there — it’s simply a fact of life.

So, for something that we pretty much know about, why is it still so difficult to manage? The tendency is to just let stress either slide past us or bottle up until it explodes. Aside from being very bad ways to deal with stress, these are also health hazards.

Because while stress might be something that settles in your brain after a long day, your body understands this as something it can physically react to. And that’s what makes managing stress so important.

The Stress of Existing

Our body has a more intimate understanding of stress than we might think. Every time we strain it past its limits, it interprets this via chemical signals, sending a distress call to the brain. That’s why prolonged stress can feel so exhausting even if you aren’t doing anything physically intense. Our body interprets it as the actual effort.

You don’t need to do anything too intense for this feeling to trigger, even consciously. Your body gets stressed out, say, when you move from an air-conditioned room to a sunny sidewalk quickly or when someone who’s sick sneezes around you. Anything that upsets the natural balance of your body can be perceived as stress.

The Price of Stress

So, if it isn’t in our head, what’s the cost of stress like? The first and most obvious sign is your appearance. Ask any esthetician in Salt Lake City and you’ll be told that stress leads to your body’s chemicals working overtime. And when it clocks in that much, your body’s definitely going to feel the strain — from your hormones acting up to acne breaking out.

After your appearance is your body’s overall state. Large-scale studies have shown that unattended chronic stress is one of the most unhealthy things we can experience. It can dull our brain earlier, put us at risk for heart disease, and in some cases, cause organ failure. Not only will you look bad, but you’ll definitely feel bad.

So, What Should You Do?

Man stressed while working on laptop

There are plenty of ways to deal with stress. Eat good food, do yoga, hang out with friends. But the most essential step is to understand what your stressors are and how to avoid them. It’s much more manageable to avoid the sources of your stress instead of dealing with the aftermath, and the changes that you can make can be small yet impactful.

Of course, if you do find yourself experiencing high levels of chronic stress that you can’t manage by yourself, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. But for all the other times, just remember that stress is your body’s way of telling you to treat yourself for a change. Slow down. Your body will thank you.

woman consulting her doctor

Five Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery deal with improving the body. The procedures focus on enhancing the appearance of the patient. Many people opt to go under the knife to feel better about themselves, look better, and enhance their physical appearance.

In Utah, there are many cosmetic surgery procedures that people undergo. The top ones are those which patients choose to have. In 2018 alone, there were 17.7 million cosmetic procedures performed in the United States. These included 1.8 million surgical procedures and 15.9 million procedures that were minimally invasive. There were also 5.8 million reconstructive procedures. Here are the top cosmetic procedures performed in 2018:

1. Augmentation mammoplasty

This is still the number one cosmetic surgical procedure for 12 years in a row. The top type of augmentation mammoplasty is the one that makes use of silicone implants. They were used in 88 percent of all procedures. The other implants were saline-based, which accounted for 12 percent of procedures.

Many female patients opt to have augmentation mammoplasty to improve the look of their upper body. In some cases, even older patients request for the procedure to improve their overall look.

2. Liposuction

Next in line is liposuction with a total of 258,558 procedures performed in 2018. Liposuction is a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon uses a suction method to remove fat from certain body parts. The most common areas include the thighs, hips, tummy, neck, arms, and buttocks. In some cases, the surgeon uses the procedure to contour or shape parts of the body.

3. Nose Reshaping

In 2018, there were 213,780 people who had their noses done. Nose jobs have always been popular in the plastic surgery world. The procedure has evolved from implants to more modern techniques such as the ultrasonic rhino-sculpture, which promises more improved results and a faster recovery. The new technique uses ultrasonic energy to help the surgeon shape the nose, reducing soft tissue damage and cartilage involvement.

4. Eyelid Surgery

This is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the eyelids to create a line on the eyelid and, in many cases, reduce sagging or droopy eyelids. This procedure is common and popular among Asians and older adults. Eyelid surgery helps enhance the upper eyelids and reduce the appearance of disfigurations in the area.

5. Tummy Tuck

With a total of 130,081 procedures, the tummy tuck is in the fifth place. A tummy tuck, also dubbed as abdominoplasty, helps remove excess fat and skin in the abdominal area. The procedure is common among women, especially those who already gave birth or those with sagging extra skin and fat in the abdomen. In some instances, males who lost excessive weight can also undergo a tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery works by enhancing the patient’s beauty and physical characteristics. It’s important, however, to consult your physician before undergoing any of these procedures. It’s important also to research the best clinic in the city or town and review their customer feedback to ensure that you’ll receive the best service.

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