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Getting a Haircut: How COVID-19 Made Something Simple So New

The 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) changed the way society does things—even with something as simple as getting a haircut.

Part of the government’s efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, almost all establishments were forced to shut down. This included salons and barbershops. Recently, however, some states have been rolling out reopening efforts of various stages.

Given the evidence that hair salons and barbershops operating without proper precautions or operating too early could contribute to the spread of COVID-19, it makes people wonder about the future of haircuts.

What do men’s haircuts or nail-painting services look like in a post-COVID-19 world?

Masks for Everyone

Everyone will be wearing a mask. While masks aren’t required in some states, they are highly recommended. Most hair salons and barbershops are highly likely to ask their clients to wear a mask the entire time they are in the shop.

The shop’s staff will also wear masks and more (e.g., personal protective equipment [PPEs], gloves, and face shields). Some shops will implement uniform policies so that barbers and hairstylists need not wear their street clothes in the shop, and they can easily launder their clothes at night. Doing so reduces the likelihood of transmission of the disease.

No More Walk-ins or Waiting Areas

Sidewalks or parking lots will be the new waiting benches for salons and barbershops. Any form on the in-shop waiting area might be eliminated to prevent a group of customers from huddling in a singular space.

Many shops are also switching over to an appointment-only system. Customers cannot walk in unless they have an appointment. Should they show up early, they’ll have to wait outside. For shops that already practice the appointment system, this will be easy. Shops that do not, however, might find it difficult to adjust.

If your local shop doesn’t make appointments, call them once they reopen and ask them about their walk-in/appointment system.

Sanitization Is Key


Barbers and hairstylists already sanitize their tools with disinfectant, but today, sanitation will extend beyond a simple spritz of disinfectant. Every surface of the shop has to be wiped clean throughout the day. In some cases, the shop can take a break from their services to thoroughly sanitize the shop.

Cashless transactions are also highly encouraged so that there is less physical contact between the customer and their stylist or barber.

Longer Appointments and Longer Hours

Some states have offered shop capacity guidelines that resulted in using only fewer chairs. As a result, only a few barbers will be working at a time. This poses problems not just for the clients but for the business. To offset the decrease in the number of their appointments, most shops will extend their hours. There might also be a shift changes among the staff to avoid possible cross-contamination.

While some of these changes might sound inconvenient, they are precautions. If you take issue with wearing a mask, setting appointments, or waiting for the shop to finish sanitization, ask yourself: is the risk worth it? Safety is still a priority.

medical professionals at the hospital

Health for Healthcare Workers: Taking Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others

Staying active and healthy during these challenging times. Especially for those working in the healthcare field, their stamina and endurance are continually challenged. Though it can be an excellent career choice, it can drain them physically and emotionally. When it involves taking care of others and improving their quality of life, it takes more than skill to do well.

However, the nature of the industry doesn’t leave stamina, energy and time for basic health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, healthcare workers face a variety of health hazards on the job, from illnesses to stress and burnout.

Whether you’re a full-time physician or a locum tenens healthcare worker, taking care of your health ensures that you can provide better service to your patients.

1. Incorporate physical activity as part of your daily routine

Getting out of your desk and exercising gives you several benefits, like:

  • Improved energy
  • Better mood
  • Weight management
  • Lowered risk of chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
  • Improved condition of bones, joints, and muscles

The World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week should be enough for adults 18 to 64 years old.

You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership if you don’t have the time. Use your break to go for a walk or sign up for classes during your free time. If possible, sneak in a quick home workout after waking up or before going to bed. You can also do exercises on your desk.

people at the boxing gym

2. Stay hydrated

Meeting the required amount of water intake per day keeps your body hydrated. It also reduces headaches and dizziness.

If work keeps you from drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, keep a jug or bottle of water near your workstation at all times. Set an hourly reminder on your phone or computer to alert you when it’s time to drink.

3. Take frequent breaks

Taking a break may mean losing time to achieve as many tasks as possible. However, neglecting yourself causes burnouts, leading to low productivity and increased stress levels.

Use your breaks to recover from the stress of work. Make the most of your break to take a healthy snack or meal, go for a walk, and blow off some steam. Take that much-needed vacation to go on an out-of-town trip or spend the day doing nothing at home. When you return to work, you’ll feel more refreshed and motivated to pick up where you left off.

4. Learn stress management techniques

If you don’t manage your stress levels, you can burn out, crack emotionally, or do things that can damage your career.

Look for ways on how you can destress from work. It can be a physical activity or a hobby. Alternatively, maybe you need a change of tasks. In that case, discuss with your supervisor if you can use your skills somewhere else. Share your concerns and problems with someone—a friend or a relative—who genuinely cares about your well-being.

A career in healthcare can be satisfying, but your schedule might not leave you time and energy to think about your health and well-being. Changing your current lifestyle and taking care of your health can help you be at your best to provide quality care to your patients.


How to Adequately Prepare Your Environment for Meditation

There are a variety of environments present in this world. Some could be pleasant, while others are not. Many can maneuver their way throughout the unpleasant ones. For example, some people can handle stress and pressure without much problem. Some people are not as capable. They would find it hard to cope with situations that are not ideal. What is usual to you might be unusual and challenging for them. There could be many ways to tackle a problem, and how you want to accomplish that defines your personality. But these sometimes arrive relentlessly. That can result in burnout or exhaustion, both of the physical and mental kinds.

Enough things are going on in this world that can trigger mental or personality disorders like anxiety and depression. If you feel like you need help, you can seek the advice of experts in cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT in Westport, CT. Doing this aims to get you to view some things in a different light, which can hopefully ease or solve whatever is bothering you at the moment. You also need to have some alone time, to get a break from what is going on. Meditation could help you get a better grip on things. You can do this anywhere you like. If you want to prepare a place for this purpose, here are some things you need to know.

Minimize the Noise

Even the slightest distraction can ruin a meditation that has been going well. Minimizing noise can be challenging, as there can be many factors why that exists. If you are at home, communication with your family members is key. They will understand if you explain clearly, so do not hesitate to tell them about your boundaries during your meditation sessions. Having white noise or sustained ambient sounds can also help drown out the unwanted ones. This helps put your mind in some state of normalcy and can help you increase your focus levels.

Maintain Cleanliness and Comfort

Having too much clutter in a room can affect your way of thinking. It would ultimately be the main source of distraction. You might think more about how you can clean the place up instead of having time for yourself. Having a neat and tidy surrounding will help clear your mind of worries. It directly relates to your comfort level. Dust and other stuff that are scattered around can harm or irritate your body, so it would be best to have as little of them around as possible.

Also, be mindful of the ventilation in your room. You need to make sure you can breathe properly. The temperature levels should also be right. It is all about lessening the things you have to worry about so that when you step into a room, you can choose to be whichever corner you want to be and start meditating.

MeditationHave Some Company

Meditation is not always a solo thing. Some people would do better if they have someone who can facilitate for them. You can invite someone close to you to join. Sometimes you just need to know that you have people by your side doing this with you. Doing this can help boost your morale and make you more inspired to get better. It is good to know that you have someone you can run to for help or questions or who can listen to your thoughts after the session.

The world can be a crazy place. Navigating it can be challenging, especially when things do not go your way. But do not worry. Try to pause and compose yourself from time to time. Doing this might help you get some clarity so that you can rethink and face life more prepared than ever.


Essential Supplies for Starting a Life with Braces

Having crooked teeth can be a cosmetic nightmare. The good news is that you have experts in the field of orthodontics in Taylorsville. They can help straighten out your pearly whites by getting you braces. These will realign them back into an even line, which should make you smile with confidence again. It is not an easy process to go through.

A mold of your mouth needs to be created first, which requires you to bite on to a blob of plaster for about five minutes or so. If you are one who easily gags, prepare yourself for this because you will probably struggle for a bit. When you finally get your braces attached, you will have to wear those for a year or two.

Life with braces is a struggle. Problems include the wires scraping against your inner cheeks and lips, difficulty speaking, and the pain associated with the constant force being applied to your teeth. But do not worry. Just arm yourself with these items, and you should be able to get out of it beaming with a smile.

Water Flosser

You still need to perform proper cleaning and maintenance of your oral cavity. There are toothbrushes that have special bristles and are suitable for use with braces. If you are into flossing, though, this could be challenging or almost impossible to pull off. Getting into the crevices in between your teeth could be hindered by those metal brackets.

You can use a water flosser to get into those tight spaces. This uses pressurized water to scrape plaque and dirt on the surface of your teeth and gums. It can also easily clean through your braces.

Lip Balm

lip balm

For the first few days of having your braces, your mouth will feel awkward. You will suddenly be conscious about closing your lips, and you will have the tendency to keep them away from the fear of being caught in those metal wires. This will make you keep your mouth slightly open, and this, in turn, could get dried out as it is exposed to the air. To prevent your lips from cracking, apply some lip balm. This will help keep them moist and prevent them from shedding too much, which can be painful for some.


When you have a mouth that is slightly agape, not only does it make you feel awkward, but it also makes you drool for a bit. You are constantly producing saliva, and the lips are supposed to prevent that from flowing out of your mouth. So to save you from embarrassment, you’d better keep a pack of tissues with you at all times.


Braces are not there for aesthetic reasons. Aligning your teeth needs a constant force, and this is something that you will feel constantly. It can cause you to have discomfort and pain that can even stretch up to your head. So if you need to manage it, keep some pain relievers nearby. An analgesic such as acetaminophen should work well.

Dealing with braces is tough, but you should get used to it. Make the journey less stressful by arming yourself with these essential items. After all, when this all ends you will have the brightest smile of all.

attorney speaking to client

What are the differences between conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors?

The conveyancing process represents the final stages of owning a home. It is the most crucial step, and unfortunately, can be challenging to navigate as one misstep can be costly and set you back significantly.

While DIY conveyancing is permitted, mistakes can be easily made and vital paperwork overlooked by accident, which is why you are advised to consult with a professional.

New homeowners think that conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth are the same. However, while both types of professional carry out similar duties (for the most part), there are differences you should be aware of when deciding who you employ.

What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancer is a specialist of real estate transfers who can guide you through the process. They are qualified to give you legal advice about the transfer, to prepare the necessary documents and paperwork, and they hold the responsibility of ensuring that everything regarding the sale runs smoothly.

While they might be experts of real estate, their knowledge of other areas of the law may be insufficient, which is why some prefer conveyancing lawyers.

What is a conveyancing solicitor?

A conveyancing solicitor is considered a general legal representative who has specialised in conveyancing. It is important to note here that all licensed conveyancers can adequately conduct conveyancing. However, not all solicitors are qualified unless they have undergone additional training.

Their responsibilities are similar to that of a conveyancer – they oversee the property transfer, draft contracts and collate information, etc. However, they do offer a more premium service because their familiarity with the law goes beyond real estate.

Which professional should you choose?

Who you hire for the job depends on your legal requirements and budget. If your property transaction is relatively straightforward and your budget is tight, you can opt for a conveyancer.

However, if your property transaction is complicated and poses more risks, you should consult with a solicitor.

businessman at his desk

Who charges more?

Who you decide to hire may depend on who offers cheaper services. However, think carefully about your legal needs and preferences before making a decision.

Do you have anxieties and questions about the property you are purchasing? Do you have questions relating to the lawyer that is beyond the scope of real estate? Do you like to be continuously updated on the progress of your transaction?

Lawyers tend to be more expensive because they have extensive knowledge about the law, which is at your disposal.

It is also important to note the degree of service you will receive from conveyancers and solicitors, respectively. You will probably receive more personal attention with solicitors. Therefore, if you require a professional for around the clock assistance, a solicitor may be a better fit for you.

But what exactly needs to be done, just paperwork?

The role of a conveyancer or solicitor is not solely limited to handling paperwork, which there is undoubtedly a lot of. However, he or she is also responsible for countless other tasks, namely drafting contracts, exchanging contracts with the seller’s solicitor, assisting with mortgage agreements, and conducting any business with the local authority.

If you are still considering taking on the duties yourself, do not underestimate the magnitude of the task.

wedding rings

Why Do Couples Split Up After Marriage?

There are several reasons relationships fail, even after getting married. But what most couples often overlook is that these problems could have been avoided if they’ve only used the proper techniques to salvage their marriage.

Working through their marriage and personal problems can be a challenge, especially when the root cause comes from various sources. So, to understand these problems, let’s dive into the most common sources of marital issues.

Issues with money

Money is often the cause of a fight between couples. Generally, there are underlying issues when couples argue about finances. It can be about who’s earning more, how they value their money, and how do they prioritize their needs, as well as other issues that surround their finances.

During challenging times, financial stress can cause even more significant problems between a married couple. More conflicts that aren’t related to money can arise. At times like this, it’s best to speak with your partner and tell them your concerns before it gets worse. Attending a family counseling session in Westminster or a local center can help, too.

Family in a counseling session

Conflict with schedule

Besides money issues, having busy schedules can cause problems between spouses. Apart from finding themselves stressed because of work, they also tend to neglect taking care of themselves. This can result in poor sleep quality and a lack of proper nutrition. Also, couples who are busy with work tend to have less connection because they spend less time with one another. So, if the couple doesn’t work things out as a team, they may soon find themselves fighting over the tiniest issues, such as who’s going to wash the dishes or go to the grocery store. What couples need to do is work through their present situation and see how they can set their schedules efficiently.

Lack of communication

Experts believe that the most significant predictor of any marriage problem is lack of communication. It often results from damaging attitudes as well as changes in dynamics within their relationship. Usually, keeping score and selfish behaviors can add up to the problem, which can cause more friction between spouses.

Lying is another problem that can occur because of poor communication. It doesn’t only cover lying to hide infidelity —white lies can be a part of the problem, too. Couples lie to one another about the struggles or issues they’re facing at work, as well as in any different social scenarios. It can be about marital problems that burden their relationship.

Difficulties they have with their partner’s friends or family can cause a problem, as well. What’s worse is that when things get out of hand, a mere argument about going to a friend’s party or helping a sibling financially can very much wreck a marriage. Having a healthy communication is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship.

While there are irreparable issues, some marital problems can be solved as long as you and your spouse are willing to accept your shortcomings and change for the better. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible to save a marriage.

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Can Pop Culture Affect A Teen’s Body Image?

Everything that you see in the media plays a crucial part in how your teen perceives their body. Most of the advertisements that you on both print ads and TV often glamorizes supermodels that don’t look like any average person.

Experts say that a person sees at least 3,000 of advertisement campaigns in various platforms, which can give your teen wrong signals when it comes to their body image.

A closer look at pop culture’s ideal body

When you look at most magazines, you’ll often notice models that look quite apart from the rest of the crowd. They’d usually be at least 5’10 in height and weighs a little over 110 lbs. It’s a far stretch compared to an average woman’s body, which is at least 5’4” and weighs 145 lbs. Although these may be numbers, these have set a standard that most young girls are trying to achieve.

The supposed “norm” that the media is trying to portray has glamorized girls who are unhealthy and thin for the past couple of years. Thus, resulting in a growth in eating disorder cases amongst teens and adults alike. So that they can get the right treatment, most of them often go to bulimia treatment centers for help.

Most individuals often get exposed to what people call as thin deals once they reach the adolescent stage. That’s because this is also the time where they go through physical stages, which often make them feel insecure about themselves, especially how they look.

However, it’s not just girls who go through this stage, too. Even boys go through the same ordeal as any other. So, as parents and guardians, it’s crucial to know whether your child has any concerns when it comes to how he looks. You should especially consider how he or she perceives her weight, too.

Helping your teen

nurse talking to a teenFortunately, there are several ways that you can help your teen reduce the impact that media has on how he or she looks at her body.

One way to do it is by limiting their access to this type of advertising. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll restrict them from getting teen magazines. It will help if you guide them on which magazines are much suitable for them.

You can also take part in any advertising education activities in your teen’s school so that you can raise awareness about it with the help of other parents. It’s also crucial to let her know that the photos and other images that they see of the models are far from reality and that they’re either edited or airbrushed.

Lastly, it’s always crucial to set an ideal example for your teen. Exemplify what proper behavior should be, including how you look at your body, too!

Remember to be mindful of your teen’s behavior, especially when it comes to their body image. See if it’s already affecting their confidence as well as their mood. Seek help from a doctor if necessary. Doing this may benefit your child and help her or him recover better.

Nursing home

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living: Understanding Their Differences and Similarities

Senior care can be a sensitive subject, especially for families who share close relationships with their senior loved ones. Since seniors need more care and love than most people, the thought of putting them under the care of other people won’t be easy to swallow. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of caretakers abusing their senior patients or being neglectful, which is why placing your senior loved one under the care of a nursing home or assisted living center may ease your fears.

However, you might wonder what’s the difference between a nursing home or a senior assisted living? Are these two terms the same because they’re used interchangeably? Or are they different?

If you have the same questions in mind, here are the differences and similarities to help you decide which option suits your situation.

The Differences

Independent vs. Dependent

The major difference between nursing homes and assisted living centers depends on the ability of your senior loved one to fend off for themselves. Ask yourself or the senior citizen if he or she wants some privacy or would prefer a nurse to be at their side majority of the time?

Assisted living provides more room for seniors to breathe. Meaning, in assisted living centers, people are usually given their own place. They’re also given the freedom to choose how they spend their time. They may ask for help when they need it, so usually, assisted living centers are for those senior folk who are still able-bodied.

Nursing homes are usually for those who are ill or need to be bedridden. This can be especially helpful for those who need help with doing everything they need to do, from eating, bathing, or getting up.

Community and Activities

Another difference between nursing homes and assisted living centers are the facilities and services they offer. If your senior loved one is looking for a place where they can be taken care of while still having freedom and not have someone doting over them 24/7, then they might be more comfortable with an assisted living center. Assisted living centers often offer community activities like yoga, or even have events for residents to socialize.

Nursing homes are more specialized that their primary goal is to provide medical care while making things as comfortable as they can be for their patient.

The Similarities


If your reason for transferring a senior loved one to a nursing home, or an assisted living center is to provide them with better care and facilities, then you’re going in the right direction. Although it may seem like the wrong decision to put a loved one under the care of someone else, it may be better since it’ll be their job to provide the proper care for the elderly person.

Cleanliness and safety are one of the main priorities of nursing homes and assisted living centers. Expect round-the-clock cleaning and maintenance of the place and making sure your senior loved one is hygienic at all times.

Family Visits

Nursing home

The biggest perk of both assisted living centers is that both you and your family won’t have to deal with so much separation anxiety knowing you can visit them during specific times. Although visiting times vary, they typically allow families to see the senior member regularly.

If you’re deciding whether to put your senior loved one in an assisted living center or a nursing home, it’s best to assess whether they have special needs. But either way, they’ll be in good hands.

women shopping for clothes

Affordable Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

Do you feel like the contents of your closet don’t really belong in the modern era, and would be better off in a museum? Are you looking for new ways to spice up your everyday look, but you’re not really eager to spend a lot on new clothes, shoes, or accessories? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and you feel like you’re staring back at someone who lived more than a decade ago? If these questions resonate with you, perhaps it’s time for you to update your wardrobe. And, don’t worry, there are ways to do this affordably.

Fast Fashion Finds

If you want an affordable way to update your wardrobe, your best bet is to check out fast fashion retailers. You’d easily recognize them in major cities: just look for stores with multiple floors full of clothes, footwear, and accessories, all sold at a discounted rate. This trend started as a way to offer the designs you usually in fashion shows quickly and affordably to mainstream consumers. It’s easy to pick up pieces at less than $50, and some are even offered at a markdown when newer styles and designs become available. What makes them affordable is the low cost of production, usually outsourced in another country, plus the use of cheaper materials. Stick to basics, though, that you can mix and match.  Save up for some classic, good pieces that will go the distance. Remember, a few fast fashion items are useful for updating your look—but you’ll end up spending more in the long run, as this type of clothing does not last; moreover, fast fashion leaves a huge environmental impact.

Keep It Simple

If you’re working for five days a week and your only time to go out of the house aside from work is during the weekends, then spending too much on fashion trends could be wasteful. Still, if you’re keen on updating your wardrobe with the latest apparel, it’s best to go with something simple, something that you can use on multiple occasions. It’s all up to you if you want something branded and a bit expensive, as long as you’ll find time to use it. Shirts and jeans are a classic pairing, and it’s almost impossible for them to be out of style. If you find a trend ridiculous, it’s likely that you’ll only wear it a couple of times. Don’t be pressured by social media to keep up with these trends. Buy what you’ll wear.

Check Out Local Boutiques

If you’re shopping for clothes, your tendency is to go and check out malls for their newest offerings. You’ll probably fall for what’s in season, and you’ll end up wearing it for just a couple of months because of their seasonal appeal. You’ll try to store them, but surely after a year, you won’t even remember that those items are buried underneath you pile of unused clothes. It’s great if you could also check out online and local boutiques, whether you live in Phoenix, AZ or in Pittsburgh, PA and see if any of their offerings suit your taste. These can be a bit more expensive than your typical fast fashion find, but they have better quality overall, and will last longer than the affordable apparel you get from malls.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends, especially if your budget is tight. Fortunately, the tips mentioned above can help you discover clothes, footwear, and even accessories that are not only stylish, but also cost effective.

wedding proposal

Wedding Bells are Ringing: How to Surprise your Future Fiancee with the Perfect Proposal

A lot of things come into play once you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship. When planning a marriage proposal, you need to consider the location, how you’re gonna do it (will it be during dinner, or after?), some traditional families appreciate being given a heads up, and of course the biggest consideration of all: the engagement ring. Will you choose a white gold solitaire with a 24-carat diamond in the middle? Or go for a yellow gold micro pave wedding band? Here are some tips on how to plan for your proposal and execute it flawlessly.

The Perfect Venue

It cannot be stressed enough how the location sets the mood for the entire surprise. It could be the place where you first met (it’s a cliche, but works wonders every time), where you first became partners officially, or a place that just screams marriage proposal (if you don’t mind being too obvious). Pick a place where you can have a certain amount of privacy and is intimate enough for you to say everything you need to say and finally get down on one knee.

Nothing ruins a proposal when there’s too much noise and both of you get distracted. A total mood-killer. If you choose a restaurant, make sure to choose a table that’s away from people, or better yet, book a small function room for extra privacy. Beachside proposals are also quite trendy, not to mention, very photogenic sceneries.

Make Sure to Document It

If you’re planning a big surprise, it’s better to set up how you plan to document it—whether it’s just still photos, or if you want it on video. If you’re planning to involve your future bride’s family, it would be amazing to have them stand by when you’re about to pop the question. Different angles would capture the special moment in various perspectives, which would be great to watch after she (hopefully) says yes!

Other proposers prop their phone or camera on a tripod if they’re working solo. The bottom line is, it’s always best to get everything on camera so you can always remember (and replay) the special moment. This would also serve as an amazing wedding present during your big day—have the photos framed and send it over her hotel room as she’s getting ready. She’ll definitely love it.

Get the Ring Ready

wedding rings

Of course, the moment you’d been waiting for—getting down on one knee, opening up that box, and finally asking “will you marry me?”. The engagement ring is what ties everything together. Make sure to keep it safe at all times because a proposal is almost never complete without the ring. Prior to your proposal, try to find ways on how to get her finger size to avoid having to go back to the jewellers to have it resized. You’d want your fiance to wear that ring until your wedding day.


Before anything else, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and that you are 100% ready to take the leap. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you’d want your proposal to be just as memorable as your big day.

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